List of low tuition countries in Europe

eueuStudying a Masters in Spain is usually quite expensive but there are countries in Europe where you can do for free.

Although in Spain the masters are extra and quite expensive in some countries of the European Union are free and, thanks to EU legislation, any European citizen can enroll in them. Thus, it is possible to study a master’s degree abroad paying only for the food and accommodation, which becomes an excellent alternative to continue your training.

  1. Germany

The universities in Germany are free and only have to pay in some administrative fees that do not exceed one hundred per year. The German education has a worldwide prestige and its universities are taught Master’s degrees in English and German, so it is an excellent destination for graduate school and to practice these languages.

  1. Austria

European students who will do MA in an Austrian public university they do not pay tuition if they approve all year to year. Of course, you need to pay about 20 euros semester to join the student union, which is mandatory for all university students. The gratuity of the Masters does not apply at the universities of applied sciences schools or teachers, who themselves are paid.

  1. Denmark

Danish education is free for European students at all levels. Although grades are generally in Danish, offering master’s degrees in English is quite broad. In addition to offering a quality education, Denmark has the advantage that if you find a job you can apply for a grant from the Danish government about 750 euros per month.

  1. Finland

The Finnish education system besides being considered one of the best in the world, is free at all levels and has more than 200 master’s programs taught in English. The quality of life in Finland is extremely high, but it is also an expensive country and you need to ensure that you can cover all living expenses and accommodation before leaving.

  1. Sweden

As in the rest of the Nordic countries, public university in Sweden is free for European students. You can find quite a Masters in English and the quality of life is very high, but it is an expensive country.



  1. Norway

Does not belong to the European Union, the university is free for European students because there no one pays taxes, regardless of whether they are Norwegian or foreign. Education is of excellent quality and the quality of life is very high, but again it is a country where living expenses and accommodation are quite high. You can choose from more than 200 master’s degrees in English and many more in Norwegian.

  1. Slovenia

European students can enroll in a master’s degree in the same condition as Slovenian students, i.e. paying only about 30 euros per year in administrative costs.

  1. Poland

The Masters in Polish are free and only have to pay some administrative fees of 50 euros per year, but those who are taught in English are usually paid.

  1. Czech Republic

Students of the European Union have the same status as Czech students, so they can enroll in the Masters programs taught in Czech paying only about 20 euros administrative fees. If you want to study English, yes you have to pay tuition.

  1. Slovakia

As in Poland and the Czech Republic, the masters taught in the national language, in this case Slovak, they are free and only have to pay a small administration fee. The prices of master’s degrees in English each school chooses.

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