List of Low Tuition Cities to Study Abroad

When you are searching for an ideal study abroad destination,it can seem difficult to find a city that meets your criteria, especially as it concerns your budget. But for students willing to study abroad, affordable student cities are available worldwide. Some of these top 10 most affordable cities combine low tuition fees and affordable living expenses; while others are known for being very expensive places to live in, but this is balanced by low tuition fees. Half of the top 10 are found in Europe, four in Asia and one in Latin America.


  • Kuala Lumpur

This is the most affordable city, it is ranked 43rd in the Best Student Cities overall.Malaysia is gradually gaining presence in the international university rankings and many of the leading universities are found here including Universiti Malaya which ranks among the top 200. Also, general living costs are fairly low and international students can pay an annual tuition fee of around $3,000.

Top Universities

University Malaya, International Islamic University, Universiti Tecknlogi MARA.

Average Fees

US $3,0000.


  • Mexico City

This is one of the three latin American cities listed in the top 50 of this Years Best cities.This huge city-among the largest metropolitan areas in the world-is home to an impressive selection of internationally ranked universities., led by the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), which is within the world’s top 200 and well established in the top 10 of the QS University Rankings.

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Top Universities

  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM).
  • Instituto Polytechnicto  Nacional(IPN)
  • Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico
  • Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana
  • Universidad Anahuac

Average Tuition Fees

US $3,000

  • Taipei

Taiwan’s capital is another very impressive city with a high concentration of top ranking universities. Taipei is home to the country’s top institution:  National Taiwan University, which ranks within the world’s top 100 as well as a selection of other leading universities. Tuition fees are also very affordable-usually around US $2,500 per year. This fast paced 24/7 city has a population similar to Hong Kong and has a modern form of urban lifestyle.

Top Universities

  • National Taiwan University
  • National Yang Ming University
  • Taipei Medical University
  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Average Tuition Fees

US $2,500.


  • Berlin

This is one of the world’s affordable student city.This is largely because public universities in Berlin as most parts in Germany do not charge tuition fees to local or international students with the exception of some master’s programs. Berlin is a relatively inexpensive city to live in and very much affordable than other Western European capitals.

Top Universities

  • Freie University
  • Humboldt University
  • Technische Universitat Berlin

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