List of funded scholarships for International Students

fundThe scholarship search to achieve our dreams of studying abroad can be a stressful and daunting task. Many students annually seek foundations that can support them and academic competition is quite strong. However, it is not time to give up. Now that many are finishing their academic studies worth pens you consider your chances and start to apply from now. Whatever your situation, you are sure to find the way to achieve your goals. Then our editor Alejandra offers an extensive list of scholarships and organizations that can apply!

World Bank

Programs Scholarships, Graduate professionals and in full career, from member countries are offered World Bank , to pursue higher education master ‘s in development – related areas.

The World Bank administers two scholarship programs:

– The RSM Program: Provides assistance to young researchers preparing his doctoral thesis. Scholarships are 5 to 10 months, and candidates must be under 45 years.

– The Program Japan: Grants scholarships to people who want to pursue graduate studies in prestigious universities of the member countries of the Bank.

The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation awards scholarship programs for youth from different countries travel abroad for cultural exchanges, or for particular studies. These grants can be used for almost all academic fields, but may not be used for unsupervised research, medical residencies or internships or paid work.

Scholarships Erasmus Mundus

Scholarships for the implementation of programs and / or undergraduate, master’s doctoral and postdoctoral studies in Europe, which must correspond with the following subject areas, are awarded: Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Geography and Geology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. It is required to have nationality of Argentina, Bolivia or Peru.

Scholarships IDB-Japan

The Inter-American Development Bank, with funding from the Government of Japan, provide students Bank borrowing member countries a scholarship program for master’s degrees in disciplines such as Social Sciences Business Administration, Public Administration, and. Students can attend accredited universities located in any of the member countries of the IDB.

Full bright scholarship

The scholarships provide an opportunity for students from other countries, to conduct studies to obtain masters and doctorates at US universities for a maximum period of two years. These scholarships are awarded for various areas of study, to study English for students of indigenous origin, or for outstanding college students. Visit the US Embassy in your country for more information.

Chevening Scholarships postgraduate studies in the UK. The British Embassy offers scholarships for postgraduate studies in the UK and covers tuition fees and student support for one year. The priority areas are: Government and International Relations, Environmental Studies and Technology, Economics, Health Administration.

Interested candidates must be university graduates, with a clear record of achievement and leadership potential. The minimum age to participate is 26 years and the maximum is 40 years. They must also be able to read, write and speak English well, and have the commitment and intention to return home after graduation.

Scholarships for researchers Euraxess

OAS scholarships

The OAS provides scholarships to people interested in postgraduate studies and / or graduate research at a university or higher education institution in any of the Member States. The scholarship is awarded for a minimum period of one academic year and for a maximum of two academic years. The total value of the grant from the OAS may not exceed US $ 30,000.00 per academic year, including tuition, other scholarship benefits and administrative costs.

The Central American Population Center (CCP) has a limited number of scholarships for studies in the Professional Master in Population and Health (16 months). The scholarships are funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Compton Foundation and the MEASURE-Evaluation project of the University of North Carolina (USAID funds).

Scholarships for Central America and other Latin American countries (Priority of USAID Mexico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua).


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