List of fully funded Chinese scholarships for international students

chinaMany international students wish to study in China at low or free tuition. In this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of full scholarship programs in China for international students so that they can have a clear sense of what scholarships to go for. Find the list of scholarships below:

-Chinese Government Scholarship:

There are Six programs in Chinese Government Scholarship scheme that offer full scholarships for international students, including Bilateral Program, Chinese University Program, Great Wall Program, EU Program, AUN Program, PIF Program. They offer full scholarships which will cover expenses such as  tuition fee, accommodation fee,living expense, comprehensive medical insurance.

-Confucius Institute Scholarship

Confucius Institute Scholarship is yet another full scholarship scheme for international students. All scholarship winners won’t pay for tuition, accommodation fees on campus, and are provided with monthly living allowance, and comprehensive insurance for foreign students studying in China.

-Confucius China Studies Program

These scholarships awards are for Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship and Ph.D. in China Fellowship programs. It is a full scholarship scheme as well The funding will include the following:

(1) Lodging and living stipend: 80,000 RMB per year;

(2) Research fund: 20,000 RMB per year;

(3) Round-trip international airfare;

(4) Tuition;

(5) Other support provided by the host Chinese university;

(6) Expenses for life and medical insurances in China;

(7) Group activities and cultural experience

-Chinese local Government Scholarship

  • Shandong government scholarship
  • Beijing government scholarship
  • Liaoning Government Scholarship
  • Shanghai Government Scholarship
  • Yunnan Government Scholarship
  • Heilongjiang Government Scholarship
  • Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship
  • Fujian Government Scholarship
  • Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship
  • Liaoning Government Scholarship
  • Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship

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