List of Free Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

When a student aims to gain higher education, he is confronts a lot of troubles in the way. Mainly, the financial constraint is the prior thing to be discussed. While taking admission, students must overview the scholarships plan so that they can take advantage of some financial aids throughout the program. And also, the students stay fully motivated through such rewards and recognitions.

When the time comes, many college students look out for some beneficial scholarships at the start of every semester. Again, it is the time when a new tuition bill is all ready to break you. It is recommended to go and search out for some scholarships rather than getting despaired.

There are thousands of scholarships available from private companies and foundations across the world. These are the organizations that believe in providing aids to students as they are going to improve different communities and eventually the whole country.

There are many scholarships for students from developing countries that have a restricted criteria like specification of country’s origin, particular subject of study, etc. but today, we have come with a savvy list of scholarship programs that comes with a tad of flexibility as well. Following is the list of some prominent scholarship programs that are also categorized by country. Hopefully, it is going to be helpful enough.

Scholarships to Study in Europe

When you are planning to study in Europe, we would encourage you as it has been a home of world’s greatest, oldest, and the most prestigious universities. Also, it becomes the home for many students later on. European countries are very different from one another in terms of lifestyle, living cost, and language as well. So you need to choose a scholarship program accordingly.

  • Eiffel Scholarships

It is a France based scholarship that was established by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to offers funds for the students of Masters and PhD, that too are outsiders. The institution enables the establishments of French higher education for attracting the leading foreign students and make them enroll in masters and PhD courses.

  • DAAD Scholarships

It is the world’s largest funding organization of its kind. The DAAD supports more than 100,000 students entitled for master’s degree from developed countries of Pacific Islands, Asia, Central and South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe to study in Germany. Along with promoting internationalization efforts at German universities, the organization also helps developing countries to build their own higher education systems, and support German studies and language programs abroad.

  • University of Groningen Talent Grant for Non-EEA Countries

The grant is offered for the funding of specifically students enrolled in the University of Groningen for master’s degree programs. Since it is based in Netherlands, learners from Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, China, Mexico, and Russia can avail it only. It limits to the people who have already obtained a master’s degree from University of Groningen or participate in another scholarship program covering tuition fee or living cost.

Scholarships to Study in Australia

Australian Universities offering scholarships for the students from developing countries include following:

  • Australia Awards – Endeavor Scholarships and Fellowships

It is an aid that is competitive to Australian Government, merit-based scholarships and fellowships that provide opportunities for Aussie to undertake study, professional development, and research overseas and citizens overseas to do the same in Australia.

The Endeavor Scholarship builds the reputation of Australia for excellence in the provision of education and research. It offers high-achieving opportunities to students to help them increase their knowledge and expertise in any respective field.

  • University of Sydney International Scholarship

The students are eligible to undertake the Postgraduate or Master’s degree by Research Program at the university are openly invited to apply for the University of Sydney International Research Scholarship (USydIS). The objective of such scholarships is to attract the leading international postgraduate students so that the University’s research activities may be enhanced through the research projects of such students.

Like always, a lot of funding opportunities may also be available through individual universities and other external organizations. For further opportunities, you need to visit the websites of universities to find the information about the international scholarships and funding.


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