List of comprehensive scholarships for international students

International students are those students who leave their home country in pursuit of foreign education. Not every student is from a well-off background and mostly, they work odd jobs to provide for themselves in the host nation.

Therefore the demand for scholarship never ceases to exist. Tens and thousands of students apply for scholarships so that their study burden is lessened, at least financially. But only a handful individuals earn the right to go and study on scholarship abroad.

The intent of this post is to prepare you for certain destinations that you might be willing to go for study. Cities like Montreal, Paris, and London. If your pick is from any of the aforementioned cities than we have just the information for you.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal has become a leading spot for foreign students and the government offers the following scholarships

1.      Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

It is for those students who are seeking to further their studies in the domain of natural/social sciences and/or health research subjects.

2.      IDRC Research Awards

This scholarship is targeted at the individuals from developing countries. It aims to encourage students from these countries to enroll in apostgraduate research degree at selected Canadian institutions.

3.      Organization of American States (OAS) Academic Scholarship Program

A scholarship catering to students from OAS member state who are agraduate.

For those who are seeking to enroll in bachelor’s program,

4.      HEC Montréal BBA Entrance Scholarships

This scholarship is aimed at students who are hopeful of entering into Bachelors of Business Administration program accredited by HEC Montreal.

Moreover, below are the names of other universities which offer scholarships to foreign students.

  1. McGill University
  2. Concordia University

Paris, France

Second to Montreal in the destinations where students usually opt to pursue their education is Paris. She houses one of the finest universities in the world and the following scholarship programs are at the disposal of international students.

1.      Erasmus+

It’s a program led by European Commission across Europe for students deciding to study in Paris and offer to fund so that students can bear expenses while at the same time can continue their educational goals by relieving them of financial obligation to pay tuition, to an extent.

2.      Eiffel Scholarships in France for International Students

This is available to the holders of Masters and Ph.D. students looking to further their education in Paris or anywhere in France (in general).

3.      HEC Paris Fondation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships for African and Asian Women

As the name implies, this form of scholarship is designed for women of developing nations; Africa and Asia who are interested in studying in Paris from HEC Paris accredited universities.

4.      Sciences Po Paris Emile Boutmy Scholarships in France for International Students

It is aimed at those students who are seeking to undertake bachelor’s and master’s degree and are also non-residents of EU for studying at Sciences Po Paris.

Similarly, there are certain universities that are offering scholarships to international students namely,

  1. Sciences Po Paris (as previously stated)
  2. ÉcolePolytechnique (For graduate students)
  3. HEC Paris (for MBA students)

London, UK

The UK is that region on our planet that houses the likes of Cambridge and Oxford, so how can London not be on our list of places that offer scholarships? It is home to some of the most diverse cultural heritages and happens to be one of the leading economic centers of the world.

17 of the most popular educational institutions are based in London. Need I say more? So on to scholarships available.

1.      British Chevening Scholarships

For those undertaking graduate-level studies, the scholarship is sponsored by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It funds both part-time and full-time international students.

2.      Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries

This is aimed at students opting for Master’s and Ph.D. level studies from the developing commonwealth countries. It is being sponsored by UK Department for International Development (DFID).

3.      Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at UK Universities

Specifically for students undertaking master level studies in the UK.

4.      Erasmus+

Refer to (1) under Paris, above. UK Assignment writing service on affordable cost can be accessed online. Already discussed.

5.      Euraxess UK

Governed by the British Council, offers a multitude of scholarships to students who plan to visit the UK to further their studies.

6.      QMUL International Science and Engineering Excellence Awards

Engineering students are in luck. QMUL is here to provide international students scholarships who wish to pursue engineering.

7.      University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships

This grants scholarship for those seeking to enroll with the University of West London. It is open to students of all levels but there is a condition; students must act as brand ambassadors of their respective countries.

8.      University of Westminster Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships based on merit are awarded to students who are enrolled at theUniversity of Westminster as well the same is available for students undertaking postgraduate studies.

Other noticeable universities that are offering scholarships include,

  1. Goldsmiths, University of London
  2. Imperial College, London
  3. King’s College, London
  4. London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE)
  5. University College London (UCL)


The list is not exhaustive but aforementioned are top three picks for students who intends to study abroad on ascholarship, as there are several options at student’s disposal.

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