List of cheapest universities in Netherlands(international students)

netherlandsNetherlands is a beautiful  European country recognized globally as a country that is committed to international business and renowned as a hotspot of successful trading traditions.

In this article, we will provide information on universities operating low or affordable tuition fees for international students.

Why Study in Netherland?

It is worthy to note that tertiary institutions in the Netherlands offer courses or programs in English language. That said,Netherlands is one of the first non-English speaking countries to offer academic courses or programs  in English language for international students who would like to study in English.

Netherland offers top quality education and endeavors to meet varying standards of educational experiences.Also, the undergraduate or postgraduate degrees received by international students from universities in Netherlands are internationally recognized.

Tuitions fees in Netherlands are not very expensive and are quite affordable/cheap when compared to other developed European countries. The tuition fee in the Netherlands for European Union (EU) students is about 1800-4000 Euros each year and for international  students the fee is about 6000-20000 Euros each year.

Below is a list of universities in the Netherlands with the tuition fees for international students

UNIVERSITIES (with annual fees)

University of Amsterdam     €12,000

University of Maastricht      €8000 – €13,00

Utrecht University    €6000 – €11,000

Delft University of Technology        €8,464 – €13,226

Eindhoven University of Technology  €6,700 – €15,000

Leiden University     €10,000 – €13,500

Saxon University the Netherlands   €7,800 – €11,000

University of Tilburg   €7,000 – €14,000

University of Twente€5828 – €10,333

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  1. am zainab I have certificate in nursing am leaving in Rwanda I need a cheapest university you help me in this

  2. I am from Ghana and wants to pursue LLM in Netherlands but the highest fees I can pay is 3000 euros per year.

  3. Hello there, my name is Anele Makhalima and i am looking for an affordable university that offers International Tourism and Hotel Management hopefully I’ll be starting in the following year

  4. Pls i want the school with the cheapest fees am Bianca from Nigeria and i already have a degree in economics, i want to do a short course in fashion and designing or in arts and humanities

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