List of Cheapest Tuition Universities in Spain plus Tuition Fees

(1)University of Madrid

University of Madrid is in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain. It is currently one of the best universities in Spain. It was founded in 1293. Thus making it the oldest university in Spain. It is a public sector university. University of Madrid is offering a wide range of engineering subjects and other research specializations. It is linked a lot with the technical side. According to the world’s ranking of 2013 the university has been marked as number 1 among a large number of other universities in Spain.


University of Madrid consists of the following engineering departments

  • Department of architecture engineering
  • Department of civil engineering
  • Department of telecommunication engineering
  • Department of computing

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee per semester at University of Madrid is 207 euros.

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(2) University of Granada

University of Granada is located in Granada, Spain. It was established in 1531. There are well over 88 thousand students studying here. It is a public university. There are about campuses of this university. One campus is in Ceuta and the other one is in Melilla. It is one of the oldest universities in Spain. Due to high quality education the university is at number 2 according to ranking of 2013.

Tuition Fees

For international students the tuition fee per academic year is 8,000 euros. The tuition fee per academic year for residents of Spain is 4,000 euros.

(3) University of Barcelona

University of Barcelona is located in Barcelona Spain. It is a public university. It was established in 1450. It is one of the oldest universities in Spain. It has been ranked as number 3rd best university in all over the Spain. There are about 90,644 students enrolled here. There are 75 different undergraduate programs, 353 postgraduate programs and 96 doctoral programs being offered here. It is one of the highest ranking universities in Spain.


Following are the departments at University of Barcelona

  • Department of medicine
  • Department of engineering
  • Department of all applied sciences
  • Department of education sciences

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee per semester at University of Barcelona is 151.60 euros for doctoral degrees and it is 216.63 euros per semester for undergraduate programs.

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(4) University of Valencia

University of Valencia is present in the city of Spain Valencia. It was established in 1499 as a system of public sector. There are 45 thousand undergraduate students and 8 thousand students studying here. University of Valencia is offering a large number of scholarships and grants for international students. It is on rank number 4th among the top universities in Spain. It is in list of best Spanish universities.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee per academic year at University of Valencia for international students is $2,971.80 and for the residents, tuition fee per year is $11,256.60



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