List of Cheap Universities in Sweden

sweden101Sweden is a popular study abroad country for most international students who are  seeking quality education in  cheap but high quality universities. There are 40000 international students who apply to study in Sweden. In this article, we will provide information on five cheap or low tuition universities in Sweden for international students.

Linköping University

This is a state owned university in Linkoping.It was granted a full university license in 1975 and is currently one of sweden’s larger higher learning instituitions. It is on record the university whose graduates are employed the most by top employers and companies as shown by statistics from the Swedish Higher Education Authority.

Tuition fees

If you are a citizen of a european country, switzerland or EEA, you won’t be required to pay application or tuition fees. However students from the rest of the world will be required to pay between $6000- $23,000 per year for  undergraduate or postgraduate program of your choice .

Linnaeus University

This is also a state university in the Småland region of Sweden. It currently has two campuses, one in Växjö and one in Kalmar.Linnaeus University has over 150 degree programs and does a great deal of national and international research.Several courses in the humanities,sciences,and engineering are available for international students who wish to study in this university.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at this university range from $8000 to $25,000 for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. You are encouraged to apply if you feel strongly about studying in this university.

Lund University

Lund University is one of northern Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities, consistently ranking among the world’s top 100 universities. Further, it ranks among the best universities in Northern Europe and in international rankings.

Tuition fees

Please note that students from Sweden, EEA and European countries are exempted from paying tuition fees.That said you should expect to pay approximately €12691 per year  for some courses.

Malmon University

This is a relatively new university founded sometime in 1998 and located in the beautiful city of Malmon.There are well more than 24,000 students and about 1,600 employees in this Malmon is currently the ninth largest learning institution in Sweden.

Tuition fees

As with other universities in sweden: the general principle is swedes and individuals from european countries and the EEA should not pay tuition. But applicants from other parts of the world will be required to pay roughly$7000-$25,000 per year for some undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Malardalen University

International students accepted to study in this university can expect to pay roughly $11,900 or slightly higher for courses and programs



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