List of Cheap Universities in France for International Students

frFrance has positioned itself as a wealthy and frequently  visited European country that promises an enjoyable study abroad experience. There are also several low tuition universities in France for the interest of international students. Please note that while French is the official language of instruction/communication in public universities, French private universities still teach in English and thus deliver some of the most coveted degree programs for students of different educational backgrounds. AIt might interest you to know that almost 250000 international students have chosen to study in France over the last decade. That’s near 12% of all the student body in France.

  1. Jean Monnet University
  2. Claude Bernard University
  3. Henri Poincare University
  4. Joseph Fourier University
  5. Blaise Pascal University
  6. Paris13 University
  7. European Center For Advanced International Studies
  8. Garden Design Academy
  9. IESEG School of Management
  10. Institut Commercial de Nancy
  11. Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
  12. University Bordeaux I
  13. Universite Catholique de Lille
  14. Universite Catholique  de Lyon
  15. Universite d’Aix-Marseille III
  16. Universite d’Orleans
  17. Universite de Metz
  18. Universite de Montpellier I
  19. Universite de Montpellier II
  20. Universite de Nantes
  21. Universite de Reims
  22. Universite de Savoie

Tuition fees

Tuition fees  in France vary greatly depending on the program and the institution a student chooses, however the average tuition fee private universities in France charge amounts to 1500 – 6000 EUR per year. Business schools usually charge a tuition fee of ca. 4500 to 7000 EUR per year for international students who prefer to be taught in English.

Tuition fees for French Speaking International Students

Since programs are taught in  French in France’s public universities,international students with good knowledge of French can study at reduced tuition fees. The breakdown is below for undergraduate and postgraduate programs:

  • For bachelor’s degree programs the tuition fee is EUR 188.10 per year. While Engineering degrees incur a tuition fee of EUR 611.10 per academic year, while medicine related studies have different tuition fees depending on the program. For example, the average tuition fees for doctor of medicine amount to EUR 452 per year.
  • For master’s programs, the tuition fee is EUR 259.10 per year
  • For PhD degree programs – Doctorat): EUR 393.10 per year

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