List of Cheap Tuition Universities in New Jersey

Attending a low tuition university in New Jersey is tough, but very achievable. Several financial aid programs such as Tuition Aid Grant has made attending big name universities possible. Institutions such as; Rutgers, New Jersey Institute of Technology. It is important to note that most state funding targets existing New Jersey residents who want to attend a NJ college, however there are exceptions to this rule. To reduce the cost of living in expensive places like New Jersey, several schools have put together  financial aid packages for low income students from any part of the world.Let’s discuss some of these:

Rutgers University

This is the eighth oldest university in New Jersey established sometime in 1766.Rutgers is New Jersey’s top research institution with 47,000 undergrads and more than 19,000 postgraduate students. Students come from over 50 states and more than 115 countries. Students with good grades are considered for the Presidential Scholarship, which awards $25,000 per year, including $11,700 in credit for on campus housing and dining.The James Dickson Carr Scholarship($10,000/year) and the Scarlet Scholarship ($3,500/year) are awarded to students with excellent academic records and strong financial need. International students are eligible for the Rutgers International MM($2,000 to $8,000 per year)

Ramapo College of New Jersey

Built in the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains along the New Jersey/New York border, Ramapo is a small liberal arts college with student population of approximately 6,000. It has 36 academic programs  and more than 539 course offerings. Note that entering freshmen who meet the academic requirements will be automatically considered for the following scholarship programs: Presidential Scholarship($18,000 per year), Provost Scholarship ($10,000 per year), Dean’s Scholarship ($6,000 per year), and the Academic Achievement Award ($3,000 per year). Students majoring in nursing or Social Work can apply for the Ader Endowed Scholarship.

New Jersey University

New Jersey City University in Jersey City was founded in 1929 as a teacher’s college.The university currently has 41 undergraduate programs, 27 master’s degrees and 2 doctoral degrees. The good news is that scholarships are provided to 90% of full time beginning undergraduate students-with around 9% receiving grants and scholarships. Also incoming freshmen are automatically considered for merit based scholarships including the full tuition Presidential Scholarship, the $6,000 University VI Scholarship and the $5,000 University V Scholarship. Note that transfer students are equally eligible for similar merit based awards, which goes from full tuition to $2,000.

Stockton University

A university on a 2000 acre campus located near the Atlantic Ocean has 8,700 full time and part time undergraduate and graduate students. Incoming  freshmen with stellar academic records will be automatically considered for the following merit based scholarships: Presidential Scholarship ($18,000), Provost Scholarship ($11,000),  Dean Scholarship ($7,000) per year. Transfer students may be eligible for the Excellence in Academics Award ($1,000, $2,000 per year depending on the student’s GPA).

St. Peter’s University

One of 28 Jesuit Colleges and universities in the country and the only one in New Jersey, St Peter’s University sits on a 30 acres land in Jersey City, the second largest city in the state separated from New York only by a 12 minute train ride.Note that incoming first years with brilliant results are automatically considered for the following results:Presidential  Academic Scholarship(full tuition), Academic Excellence Scholarship( $25,000/year), Dean’s Academic Scholarship($22,000 / year), Ignatian Academic Scholarship($20,000/year), Pavonia Scholarship ($15,000/year) and the Arrupe Award ($10,000/year)

Kean University

Kean University located in Union is the largest public university in New Jersey, offering well over 48 undergraduate and 35 graduate graduate programs. Institutional aid is provided to 14% of full time beginning undergraduates, with students receiving an average institutional award of $2,500. All incoming freshmen are automatically considered for five merit scholarships: full tuition William Livingston Scholarship, the $4,000 Kean Scholarship, the $3,000 Trustee Scholarship, the $2,500 Presidential Scholarship, and the $2,000 Academic Scholarship.


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