Important Online Apps for International Students

appsWe know how difficult being a student, going to college and keeping up with everything can get. Break-neck pace and college life in general can be a real chaos. However, those who are willing to go further and try something new will be able to optimize their student lives thanks to organizational online apps of the future.

  1. EasyBib

Straight from the homepage EasyBib lets you create literally any type of citation. It will help you create referencing lists in MLA, APA, Chicago as well as solid outlines. EasyBib combines the most needed features that would otherwise be a chore.

  1. Unstuck

Feeling clueless about being stuck on a home assignment? Get Unstuck! The app offers a comprehensive range of test questions that zero in on your troubles  and lead you out of them, picking among a flexible set of solutions. Unstuck will make sense of your assignment and structure it in an orderly manner.

  1. Google Knowledge Graph

With all these new Google services popping up in recent years here comes a new one that will definitely be of use to a student. Meet the Google Knowledge Graph! Not only do you now see the search results, but also all of their connections as well your own interest map. Brace yourself for a bit of retrospect.

  1. Google Docs

If you aren’t using Google Drive yet — you’re definitely missing out! It will make the file sharing easier and save you the trouble of having to install any MS Office Apps on your device. The most useful feature by far is the ability to process texts while collaborating.

  1. Evernote

If, for some reason, you’re not a fan of the latter, Evernote is a vastly popular contester in the market of online document editors. It takes a different approach to text building and editing. Many find it preferable for keeping multiple notes in order and so might you.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha — a search engine with computations. What does it mean, you ask? In our case it means the engine answers the specific questions rather than giving out a list of sites that could or could not be relevant. This allows you to put in curated data, computed presentation, dynamic data and linguistic analysis. Sounds impressive? It sure does!

  1. Khan Academy

If you’re out for some additional classes, there is no need to take one just yet. Khan Academy is an online database of free courses that offers an extensive volume of classes and exercises in exact sciences as well as humanities.

  1. Prezi

Prezi allows for some tremendous presentations. Thanks to ZUI, a unique innovative technology that helps the user operate huge images you can navigate zooming in and out with just a few clicks.

  1. World Essays Free Plagiarism Checker

Having doubts about the authenticity of that paper? Take the free plagiarism checker from The web app will definitely be better than a wild guess. Especially, if you’ve taken most of your ideas from less than 3 sources.

  1. Trello

An advanced online planning platform, Trello is a great option for huge teams in pursuit of tight cohesion. It packs a whole bunch of scheduling and organizational options that stack into a versatile online co-operational platform.

  1. instaGrok

Are you an avid visual learner? Well, you best opt for some pictorial semantic knowledge trees. InstaGrok offers an understandable and personalized knowledge trees that greatly complement its standard search engine capabilities.

So, there’s that for you. In case you’d be willing to dedicate some time, the payoff is worth it. These web apps will structure your learning process into an optimized and fine-tuned production line. Use them, get things done better and be happy.

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