How to Transform From College To Career Life

colllllGoing from college to career is not a simple task. It can take years to build a career and the transitional phase can be the hardest part. By looking at what graduates lack we can determine which areas need attention when trying to build a bridge between college and career. Below we will be exploring some aspects of the gap between what you learn in college and what is expected of you when you start working as well as other things that could possible leave students unprepared for life outside college.

Skills vs. Theory

College and university courses are mostly theory based and lack a practical aspect. Once you are familiar with concepts and theories you need to learn how to apply them to a real life situation and you will not learn this in college. This you learn with time as you gain experience in your field. Starting your career is basically like starting from scratch again and learning the same things in a different context. It would be great in educational institutions could incorporate more practical modules in their courses to help bridge this gap, but what can students do to bridge this gap themselves?

One way would be to do an internship during your final year of studying. This is the perfect opportunity to see what your field of study is like in reality. Interns usually work during holiday periods and you might be paid for it or not. Either way it is valuable experience that you cannot put a price tag on. There are also some other skills that you can teach yourself that employers value, but students lack.

Modern-Day Distractions

In the 21st century there are so many things that can distract you. With constant Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates on your phone/computer it can be a challenge to focus on your college work, never mind doing extracurricular work. And students are really busy in any case, with or without distractions, so what can they do to improve their productivity and time management? Ironically you can actually use modern-day technology to help manage your time, help you with studies and improve your work flow. Here is a brief look at a few apps and websites students can use to help them manage their college workload and hopefully have some extra time for acquiring those much needed practical skills.


To help get into better habits use this app turns your life into a game. The app works by rewarding or punishing you based on your actions. So if you adhere to your new habits you will excel in the game, but if you do not you will not excel in the game or in real life


Use this website that offers professional essay service to help you improve your grades. It is also useful when you are running out of time for a deadline. It is always better to hand in something rather than hand in nothing. They are also of great help when you are stuck with a challenging academic project and have professionals in every academic field you can think of.

Free Book Notes

Sometimes you miss a class or you the lecturer is spewing so much information your way you can hardly record it all use this website for all the academic notes you might need. Free Book Notes have a large collection of literary resources for over 44,000 books. They alsooffer study guides and summaries of these works so you can easily get all the information you need. This is especially great for English literatures students as they have a lot of plot overviews, novel guides and context summaries available.

For more apps and websites like these follow this link for an informative article from College Candy:

Students have to be informed about this gap between college and career. Since most student have no idea that the two are so vastly different, they assumes that college prepares them for working life and that getting a job or succeeding at your first job is going to be easy.

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