How to Study on Low Tuition in Turkey for International Students

In today’s article, we will be discussing low tuition universities in Turkey for international students.If you did not know, Turkey is bordered by eight countries with Greece and Bulgaria to the Northwest.Georgia to the Northeast, Iraq and Syria to the South. Also the country is beautifully cornered by seas on three sides with Aegean  Sea to the West, the black sea to the North and the Mediterranean Sea to the South.

The number one reason international students choose to study in Turkey is the fact that the tuition fees is low tuition and cheap.The tuition fees and cost of living is significantly lower than in other European countries, yet the quality of education is world class. There are equally competitive scholarships covering tuition, accommodation, and travel expenses for international students. Also the academic year in Turkey is based on two semesters and run from October until June.

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Top 4 Turkish Universities

 (1) Istanbul Technical University:

This is a renowned international university.It is the world’s oldest university dedicated to engineering sciences and social sciences recently and is one of the most prominent institutions in Turkey.

 (2) Orta Dogu Teknik University:

This university places strong emphasis on research and education in engineering and natural sciences.

 (3) Istanbul University

This institution has 17 faculties on five campuses, the main campus being on Beyazit Square.

 (4) Anadolu University

This is a public university-founded in 1982 from the coalition of four existing universities in the city:the academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences of Eskisehir, the state academy of Achitecture and Engineering,Institute of Education and Medical School.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in most turkish universities are very affordable.These fees vary.However, international student tuition fee per semester at state universities where the language of instruction is english is roughly $300-$600.Please note that tuition is about 2x higher at private institutions where the instruction is in English.

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Health Insurance

Note that all universities provide free health care at their medical premises.However care is generally limited to emergency services and treatment of minor services.So international students are encouraged to purchase health insurance to cover any medical expenses that might arise. Indeed, there a lot of low tuition universities in Turkey. To get a full list of these universities, check out their website


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