How to study on low tuition in Finland for International Students

It is a well known fact that many international students are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to study at universities that provide quality education and offer low or free tuition. The search for affordable high quality education is never ending as more and more students look for universities in Europe, Asia and North America in the quest for high quality education. This need has driven many international students to apply for studies in a European country that provides excellent academic environments to study, Finland. Finland offers opportunities to international students to study on low tuition. Until 2017, students from outside the EU/EEA were allowed to study on free tuition, but at the moment admitted students are expected to pay low tuition amount for yearly

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Finland hosts an array of universities that provide quality education for her students in state of the art infrastructure and learning environment, ensuring that the students are well nurtured, equipped and instilled with the right skills for their future. International students looking for where to study on free tuition should look no further than Finland.

University education in public schools in Finland is funded completely by the government. So, whether f you are an applicant from the EU/EEA, you get to pay nothing when you study in Finland. However, international students from outside the EU/EEA will be required to pay an average tuition of EUR 10,000 to EUR 15,000

Buy how do I go about studying for free in Finland? The following instructions listed below will provide you with the answers you seek.


The first step to study in Finland is choosing the institution of your choice. There are many public institutions that are equipped with state of the art learning facilities and professors, providing you with the right learning environment to study.

Ensure you check through the faculties of the various universities to see which one of them suits your needs.


Admission requirements vary from school to school so it is advisable to check the requirements from the school’s website you intend to study for details about their admission processes. It is important to have knowledge about the criterion to meet to gain an admission and submit an application in time for consideration. It is important to get this information first hand from the school’s website or from the school’s admission so as not to be misinformed. Most universities require;

  • Proficiency in English language tests either IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Transcript from high school and high school leaving certificate


The application process is online and can be done via the school’s website,through the school’s admission office and University admissions Finland (UAF) portal. The admission application process is very much easy and all that is required is to fill up an online account with the UAF and then fill the application form.

The first Application period is usually in January for courses offered in English and the second application period is for courses offered in Swedish and Finnish and it is mostly between March and April of every year. The school’s website provides the exact date the application starts and when it ends.


Note that obtaining a student visa is highly dependent on the country you’re applying from. To gain full understanding on how to go about getting the student visa and residence permit, please contact the Finnish embassy in your host country, the embassy will specify all the documents that is needed for the visa application process. Some of these requirements may include;

  • Medical fitness report showing your health status
  • A clearance certificate from the police showing you have a clean criminal record.
  • Proof that you are financially stable.


It is expected that before you can be fully admitted into the university that you’ve applied to, that an entrance examination is written. This examination is for both local and foreign students and it is the final admission criteria to be met before the school can grant you admission. You will be specified on what to read for the exam and given a book or two to prepare.



Once you’ve met the criteria for admission, a letter of acceptance will be sent to you. It will specify other important information and important dates and other useful tips.

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With the high numbers of quality universities running on free tuition in Finland, you do not need to worry about getting high quality education. Universities in Finland are equipped to give you quality education in conducive environment and facilities without you paying for tuition.


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