How to Study on Low Tuition in Austria: Admission Requirements and Costs

Austria is an amazing German speaking landlocked country in Central Europe.It borders Czech and Germany to the North, Hungary and Slovakia to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the South. Austria is a fantastic study abroad location for international students seeking low tuition university studies.The tertiary university institutions are well equipped to offer world class tertiary education.

Documents Required for Admission


  • Application for Admission: Note that university admission application is downloadable on the university website or will be mailed to you.The candidate is required to mention the program he/she wants to study plus relevant documents for this purpose.
  • Proof of Identity : Along with a copy of your mailed ID or national identity document.
  • Admission Documents:


-for bachelor and diploma degree program: secondary school leaving certificate or equivalent.

-for masters programs:bachelors or an equivalent degree.

     (4) Proof of German Proficiency

  For many programs, it is important you know the German and the proof of proficiency should be included in the admission documents.

*Foreign documents needs to be presented along with the original copy and have to be legalized.Note that if documents are drawn

Low Tuition Universities

  1. University of Vienna
  2. Medical University of Vienna
  3. University of Innsbruck
  4. Medical University of Graz
  5. Vienna University of Technology
  6. Graz University of Technology


Note that courses taught at Austrian universities are usually in either German or language. It depends on which the student depends, and sometimes the specification.

Tuition Fees

Please note that  international students from outside of the  EU/EEA are charged 363-720 Euros per semester for tuition fees(two semesters in a year) plus 19 Euros for student union membership.

Cost of Living

If you live in cities such as Vienna and Salzburg, you’ll spend between 900 Euros to 1,200 Euros to cover your needs.(accomodation,food,public transport and social activities).

In smaller cities like Linz or Craz, liing expenses would be 730 Euros to 1000 Euros/month.


Student Residence – 200 Euros/month

Rent/share an apartment- 300 Euros/month for one person.

Homestay – Average price is 550 Euro/month.


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