How to Study on Low Tuition in Argentina for International Students

Argentina is a warm and welcoming country for international students choosing to study abroad. The universities in Argentina operate low tuition fees.  Also Argentina has one of the highest literacy rates and is home to several renowned artists, scholars writers- some of whom are teaching in Argentina’s excellent institutions. You’ll find a wide range of diversified courses of very high standards at affordable rates. The country used to be a very cheap destination for foreigners but inflation has led to increased cost of living over the last few years. However, you should not allow a more expensive chicken pie to discourage you from experiencing one of South America’s iconic cultures.

Apply for Scholarships

One good thing about studying in Argentina is there are plenty of scholarships available to help you offset the costs of your program. Note that some scholarship opportunities are country specific, others depend on your field of study and some are just free for all. True, you may not qualify for scholarship but that should not discourage you from checking through what’s possible. Talk to your university’s study abroad and financial aid offices to see what your options are , then go online and do research.

Get a Long Term Visa or a Part-Time Job

An Argentine resident, study or work visa will clear the path for several more opportunities in the country. But they are not just handing out visas cheaply at the embassy.Note that applying for and obtaining one often takes a long time.Still, if you’re going to be in the country for a year or longer, especially if you are affiliated with a university, then  its worth it.

Thousands of people, both fresh graduates and corporate retirees have relocated to Argentina because of the beautiful scenery,  cheap exotic wines plus business opportunities.Make connections with other foreigners, find people on Linkedin, Twitter,ask around and use your skills to get hired. Even if it’s simply working at a bar or hostel front desk, you’ll be getting paid and meeting people all the time.Plus you’ll have the opportunity to practice your spanish.If possible, get paid in Pesos rather than Pesos. This might be difficult if you are working for an Argentine employer instead of a foreign one, but it’s worth asking. Of course you want your paycheck to be strong.

Teach English

English is in such high demand in Argentina. As a native English speaker, you’ll have the unfair advantage over other teachers, and you can negotiate to be paid accordingly.You should decide if you’ll like this to do this through an institute or your school, or if you’ll prefer to work independently. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, so think about how comfortable you are working on your own, how much stability and control you want over your schedule, and your time management before getting started. You don’t just to teach English. If you are good in other professions, say java, pastry decorating, sculpture-start a class. Spread the word through your friends, school and neighbors-anywhere people will listen. Find a way to use your skills to your financial advantage, and you’ll probably end up making some great friendships.

Volunteer and Grow

If your major goal is to learn Spanish rather than being waylaid by overzealous communists on a daily basis at one of Argentina’s excellent, politically active universities, you should consider joining a volunteer program instead. As the world’s earth largest country, Argentina is super diverse in terrain beauty and vegetation. You’ll find all kinds of different opportunities-anything from teaching English to helping with a community outreach program, to volunteering with disabled children.Some volunteer program will provide food and accommodation in exchange for work. So see this as an excellent opportunity to study in Argentina for free.Living with a host family will help you absorb the language and culture and you’ll walk away having learned a great deal about Argentina and Latin America in general. You’ll also be proud of your contributions as well.


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