How to Study on Low Tuition at Technical University of Denmark

Denmark remains a top study abroad destination in Europe for international students.There are reputable universities in Denmark. One of the most popular in this case is the Technical University of Denmark.International students who would like to study here would be pleased to know that Technical University of Denmark is a world class university offering low tuition fees.Also a variety of english taught degree courses are available for students from all over the world.Technical university of Denmark is an internationally renowned university and top rated technical university in Europe.

DTU is a leading technical university with a solid and world class reputation.An international university, 44% of the publications from the university were registered by the Science Citation Index of the Institute of Scientific Information in 2015 and prepared in conjunction with International Researchers.One fifth of DTU’s scientific staff is recruited internationally and an increasing number of new students are from abroad.

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Study in Technical University of Denmark

Students from non-English speaking countries should not worry about the medium of communication. Programs are taught exclusively in English. For example, DTU’s MSC programs cover most modern engineering fields and research led engineering fields taught at the elite level-aimed at qualifying the graduate for a knowledge intensive position in a competitive industry

DTU also perfoms basic and applied research based on innovation and the overall power of fascination-promoting talent and addressing the in the interfaces between research disciplines.DTU’s BSC in General Engineering offers a cross disciplinary and project based education conducted in an international atmosphere with students from all over the world-providing you with the knowledge and expertise to work in a fast changing global workplace.

The number of admitted students has grown and for the eleventh year, the institution has received a record breaking number of applications from students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree from a technical elite university with a global outlook.

Employment Prospect

Students who graduate from Technical University of Denmark have no problems securing their dream jobs. More than a third of their scientific staff are highly qualified researchers of international background who have built research collaborations with leading partners and organizations such as; Nordic Five Tech Alliance, the Euro Tech Universities Alliance, KAIST in South Korea, the Sino-Danish Centre in Beijing, Rensselaer in the USA and Nanyang in Singapore.

Tuition Fee

Denmark’s zero tuition fee policy for EU students is very attractive and encouraging. Nonetheless, international students from outside of EU have to pay 13,500 /EU every year.

Living Expenses in Denmark

Note that the living cost in Denmark depends largely on the city and lift style of the student in question.In order to meet these costs you must carefully review and budget your monthly expenses. A rough estimate of your overall monthly expenses would amount to 800- 1200 EUR per month.

Living Expenses in Copahagen:more expensive than the smaller cities, could go as high up as 1100- 1800 EUR/month.

Living Expenses in Aaborg: you can keep your costs low at around 800-1,100 EUR/month.

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Student Accomodation Needs

Out of the total monthly expenses incured by EU students, they usually spend around 36% on accomodation. Thus, you will pay around 400-600 EUR/month for accomodation and utilities, and up to 800 EUR in Copahagen.If you start to look housing early enough you might places with 250 EUR/month housing outside of the city.

Main Accomodation Options for Students Living in Denmark

  • Students living alone-450 EUR/ month
  • Students living with partner/children-500 EUR/month
  • Student halls of residence -230-500 EUR/month.

Obtaining student accomodation from the university is not the easiest of things,as European statistics show that only 11% of students studying are provided accomodation by university.

However, around 68% are on their own so to speak. They dig it out by themselves.

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