How to study on low tuition at Lethbridge College, Canada for international students

letbridgeLethbridge College previously known as Lethbridge Community college is a prestigious College in Canada, situated in the beautiful city of Alberta. This college offers approved and accredited Undergraduate, diploma and postgraduate diploma programs for both local and international students in the fields of science, technology, fashion and design, health etc. The tuition fee in this college is one of the lowest in Canada. International students could pay an annual tuition fee of just  $6000 for an annual program. You will agree with me that this is quite low and affordable. So today we will be focusing our attention on Lethbridge College or Lethbridge Community College as it was formerly known. We will take a look at the tuition fees, cost of living in Alberta, programs offered, intake periods and how to apply for admission into the college.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees in Lethbridge college is quite low and affordable. It usually ranges from $6000 to $8000 depending on the program. Once you have applied and your application accepted, an admission offer will be sent to you stating the conditions of your offer. One of the conditions is that $500 part of the tuition fees has to be paid on a stipulated time. Note that your tuition fees deposit will be returned if you are denied a visa. If this happens, all you need do is write the school with a copy of the rejection letter from the embassy and your fees will be returned.

Cost of living

Cost of living in Canada is not as high as you think. Some cities actually have lower living cost and Alberta is one of such cities. In Alberta, an economical, frugal student can survive on $500 to $700 per month. This amount will should cover the cost of feeding, accommodation, books, transportation for one month.

Program offered

There are a lot of exciting courses on offer at Lethbridge college . These program are in the fields of Automotives and Mechanics, Health, Marketing, Environment, Media and communications, Information Technology etc. Click here to have a look of some of their programs.

Intake timelines

This college admits students all year round. There are three major intakes in a year and they are; Winter, Spring and Fall. Before you begin your application for admission , please endeavor to read through the programs requirements, intake periods and deadline.

How to apply

Making an application to Lethbridge College is simple. Once you’ve chosen a program, read through the requirements and click on the apply button. You should have a valid credit card, otherwise you will need to pay an application fees before submitting your application. Once you have submitted, the school will get in touch with you via email and will issue an offer letter if your application is accepted.

Click here to access the online application portal.

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