How to Study on Cheap Tuition in Costa Rica: Cost of Living, Tuition Fees and Student Visa Requirements

Beaches, tropical rainforests, a highly developed society and an enviable quality of life- you heard that right, studying in the Costa Rica may sound almost too good to be true.

Read on for more information on what you’ll need to study in Costa Rica including admission requirements, cost of living plus tuition fees.

Studying in Costa Rica

Study fees vary widely between different universities in Costa Rica, while cost of living is likely to range between US$500 and US$700 per month, depending on how you live life. You can expect to pay US$380 to US$470 per month for a standard apartment, although university residences and flat shares will be cheaper.

Over the last few years, the World Bank has committed to strengthening higher education in Costa Rica, aiming to improve access for international students as well as quality of facilities, teaching, research and the system as a whole. To date, US$250 million has been spent on this project, with funds continuing until the end of 2017.

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Applications and Student Visas

Admissions requirements will vary depending on the institution, but generally you will be required to provide details of your secondary-level education, identification and proof of proficiency in Spanish. Other required documents may include a police record, immunization records and birth certificate.

After gaining acceptance to a Costa Rican university, you’ll need to find out which type of visa applies to you. In some cases you’ll find you don’t need a visa at all; this is the case for citizens of the US, Canada and the EU, as well as those with an existing visa for the US, Canada, Japan or across the EU.

Tuition Fees

International students should budget around $1,500 per academic session for tuition fees.

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