How to Study MBA at HEC Montreal on Low Cost

HEC Montreal is a French-language business school located in Quebec, Montreal, Canada. The school’s achievements include being named number 3 on the Canadian Business Reputation Index 2017, number 11 for best foreign one-year Business schools, and number 22 for best foreign Business Schools. The school is also known for having the largest bilingual library in Canada. The MBA program is offered in both English and French.

How To Apply

There are three rounds for applying. International applicants should apply no later than Round 2 to allow time for their immigration procedures.

Admission Term Round Application Deadlines Decision Date by selection Committee Deadline for Accepting Admission Offer


Round 1 1st September 15th October 15th November
Round 2 1st November 30th November 31st December
Round 3 15th January 15th February 1st March


Eligibility Criteria

  • Hold an undergraduate degree
  • Have at least 3 years’ worth of full-time professional experience (excluding internships)
  • Pass one of the following aptitude tests: TAGE MAGE, GMAT, or GRE.

Language Requirements

Provide advance proficiency on one of the following tests:


Fill-in Application

Application form can be found here. Note that as a new student you may need to create an account before getting access to the form.

Online Admission fees

  • General Admission fee: $87.73
  • Visitor with study permit fee: $271.81

Required Documents

  • Copies of official transcripts of diplomas
  • Proof of compliance with language requirements
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Three video essays: link to video essay platform will be provided after filling in application form.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • GMAT, TAGE MAGE, or GRE official scores
  • Answer to the following question: The HEC Montréal MBA program is based on shared experiences and emphasizes collaborative learning. In view of this approach, tell us what you hope to learn from your MBA colleagues to help you achieve your personal and professional goals (500 words maximum).

If you have previously applied for admission, you must also answer the following question:

How has your situation changed since you applied last time? Make sure you explain any change in your work experience, studies and volunteering (250 words maximum).

Additional Documents For International Students

  1. When Applying
  • Birth certificate with your place of birth, and parents’ full names.
  • French citizens must add a valid passport of the French republic or valid national identity card of the French Republic.


  1. When They Arrive
  • Quebec Acceptance Certificate, delivered by Immigration-Quebec
  • Student Permit, delivered by Immigration Canada.


  • Total Tuition fees sum up to $32,400.
  • Note that international students will have to pay additional health insurance fees.

Basic Expenses

  • Accommodation – $7,200
  • School Supplies (including a computer) – $3,500
  • Transportation – $590


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