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Are you an international student looking for free tuition universities? Are you looking to study free in Europe? Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, sits on a peninsula and coastal islands in the Baltic Sea, and is home to the 18th-century fortress Suomenlinna, the Seurasaari open-air museum and a neoclassical cathedral. The Northern Lights can be seen from its Arctic Lapland province, also home to the country’s main ski resorts. With an excellent police force and a stable political and economic environment, Finland is a safe and secure environment for studying.

Finland offers free tuition for international students admitted to study in higher instuitions. Laws like the Finland Universities Act that came into force on the 1st January 2010, state that European students and students who are permanent residence permit holders in Finland, are exempted from tuition fees at Finnish public universities and polytechnics. Students from outside the European Union may pay tuition fees if the study program is conducted in a language other than Finnish or Swedish.

Higher learning Institutions in Finland:

Polytechnics (Universities of Applied Sciences)

  • They offer education that is more practical than universities.
  • They shape graduates to be more competitive in todays’ labour markets.


  • Their programs are based on scientific research.

The Application Procedure:

For international students, applications can be sent directly to Finnish Universities, but to study degrees conducted in English, students may also have to fill in an online joint application form.

If the application is sent after the registration deadline, students will be notified by email when applications are re-opened.


Introduction to Germany

Germany is a Western European country with a terrain of vast forests, rivers and mountain ranges. Berlin, its capital, is home to thriving art and nightlife scenes, iconic Brandenburg Gate and many sites relating to World War II. Germany has many different institutions, Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences, colleges of arts, music and film. There are plenty of study opportunities throughout the country.


The Application procedure:

  • The Application form may be found on the internet, but the best way to go about finding it is to request the University’s Registrar’s office email it to you, or post it to your Home Address. While some universities in Germany take care of the whole registration process themselves, others depend on external agencies to manage the applications. However way it may happen in your university, the University will let you know.
  • Equally important are the other documents, for example, the certificate of German Language, which you may be required to submit with your application.
  • Fill in the application form and send it to your University with the required documents attached.



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  1. Hello I’m ibrahim segun by name, and am from Nigeria I saw this school when I was flipping through online school in turkey and it gripped my mind, I need you to put me through because I don’t know how to go about It. I really need to know how much it will cost me as an international student including visa thanks

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