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europeeeeeAround the world, a considerable majority of the young people want to reside and study in Europe. I have found that North Americans can visit Europe for three months and there is no need of visa, but for people who have a wish to stay past the three months, it can get complicated. There is a variety of options, such as acquiring a Holiday Working Visa (even though not available for US citizens) which allows you enjoy the life and work in most of the European countries and you can avail this visa for up to 1 year. However, in my view the best option for you seeking to really experience living in any of the following European country for a few years is to study there. It is my experience that study is quite cheap in these countries.

In most of the European countries, tuition for public educational institutions costs from €0 to €500 per semester, and it is for all international student, whether you are from an EU or non-EU country. If you want to travel around the continent you will experience very cheap rates and it means that travelling is super easy here. Despite being free or at extremely cheap tuition costs, European countries boost some of the excellent and top-ranking universities in the world.

Since most of the colleges and universities are in countries that are English-speaking like UK and Australia, the only difficulty would be being capable of speaking in the local language, like French, Spanish, etc. Nevertheless, if you want to obtain the master’s degree, you will find lots of Masters programs taught completely in English, whether you are in France or Spain. Along with this, the further plus point of studying in any non-English speaking part of the Europe means that you are going to quickly learn a totally new language throughout your academic period in a country or at least you can improve your English by studying in an English-speaking country.

Behold the following cheap prices of study in some European countries and these countries are very best for higher study:


In France, tuition charges in universities and public engineering schools range from €150 to €700 each semester. However, business schools in the country are either private or semi-private and they charge high amount of money.


The credit point is used in Spanish colleges and universities to charge tuition, with costs ranging from €10 to €30. It means that you will have to pay only up to €900 for a semester. In fact, this cost is absolutely cheap. By paying this cost, you will also enjoy the sunny environment in Spain.


If you want to enroll in Bachelors and PhD programs in Finland, you will not have to pay tuition fee. However, for non-EU citizens who want Masters Programs, there are tuition charges. The total cost of some Masters programs in Finland can range from €2,500 to €12,000 and these prices are absolutely cheap. So, if you are interested, you simply need to do some research on Maters programs offered by Finnish universities.


Throughout the Germany, most of the state-owned universities do not charge tuition fee. Only Niedersachsen is a state that charges about €500 per semester and this price is also very affordable. Semester contributions (which integrates a transportation pass, which can be used for travelling purpose) are generally somewhere between €150 and €250 for a semester. However, their requirement and charges vary from one university to another.


The state-owned colleges and universities in Norway do not charge any tuition fee. There is a semester fee of NOK 300 to NOK600 per semester (€32 to €64), but this fee also includes a discounted transit fares as well as gym membership.


If you are an EU citizen, the tuition fee is absolutely free for you in Austria. If you are an international student, you will have to pay only €363.36 per semester and in my view this is extremely very cheap. There is also a scheme of students’ union and by availing this opportunity you will have to pay only € 18 per semester, wow! For some non-EU countries, such as UK, students’ union is not required to pay any tuition charges. So, if you have decided to study in Austria, behold that list since the union would be paying only € 18 per semester!

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