How to study free in Europe for international students

ffreeThere are several reasons to study in Europe. One of such is that there are several free tuition universities for international students to study free.In this post, we will analyze and provide vital information on how to apply to study in these countries.


  • Finland


Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs are  tuition-free for domestic and international students in Finland. To gain admission to study in any finnish university, you would have to apply for admission to a finnish university of your preference.You will however be required to complete your application by the given deadline. That said, we will take you through the application requirements for international students as well as the deadline.

Undergraduate Programs

  • If you have completed 12 years of high school, and  are in possession of an original school-leaving certificate as well as  qualify for university studies  in your home country, then you can apply for a university program in Finland. However, you will be required to express your level of English by submitting standardized english test scores. In some cases, you might be required to take additional qualifying courses/exams.    

Master’s programs

  • International students applying for a master’s program at a university in Finland, should provide relevant bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma along with specified application documents to the university.

Application deadline

  • The application process usually starts around November and runs through February – April depending on the countries you’ve chosen. Please, check with the institution website the specific deadline for the course of your choice.

Please find below, the full list of tuition free universities in Finland:

Åbo Akademi University

University of Helsinki

University of Jyväskylä

(2) Norway

There are more than 5,000 international students from all over the world benefiting from the Norwegian government free tuition policy. That said, both international and domestic EU students are exempted from paying tuition fees. There are varieties of undergraduate and postgraduate courses available for interested international students. Education in Norway is world class with various undergraduate to postgraduate courses offered for international students to actualize their dream of earning a top quality degree.

Application deadlines

In order to know the application deadlines of universities you are interested in, you would be required  to reach out to your prospective college or university about their deadlines. The application deadline for international students is between December 1 to December 15 for courses starting in August. Please note that some institutions have different pre-qualification deadlines that might be earlier than the one stated above.

Undergraduate Studies

For undergraduate studies, completion of secondary at advanced level or equivalent to passing an exams at the end of secondary school at a Norwegian school. However, some Norwegian universities would expect students from some countries to have completed at least one year of university before applying. Please check with your country to find out if your country is Included.

Master’s Degree

Admission decisions for post graduate programs are carried out by the university. Most successful students had obtained bachelor’s degree or its equivalent of at least a 3 year duration in a subject that is relevant to the degree program .

(3) Germany

Germany is another good option  for international students who would  desire to study free. There are several internship and employment options for both domestic and international students.That said, in order to secure  admission to study in Germany, you will be required to provide proof of you/sponsor’s ability to finance your feeding and accommodation expenses. For living expenses, International students should keep aside roughly 500 Euros to cater for  cost of books, healthcare, food and registration. So in a single year, an international student should expect to spend 7000 Euros on feeding, accommodation and books expenses.

Required admission documents:

  • Completed visa application form
  • Valid international Passport
  • 2 photographs
  • Admission Letter
  • Transcript of previous academic records
  • Proof that you or your sponsor have sufficient amount to support yourself while living and studying in Germany
  • Declaration of authenticity of documents submitted

List of tuition free universities in the Germany

Frankfurt University

Free University of Berlin

Friedrick Schiller University, Jena.

Friedeick- Alexander University.

Hamburg Media School

Humboldt-University, Berlin

International University of Germany

Johannes Gutenberg University


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