How to study free at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

goetheWhen it comes to free education, the Europeans have set a benchmark for the whole world. While some economists may argue that there is no such thing as a free lunch, in Germany, there really is free education for both national and international students, and that’s a fact. What most people tend to forget is that it is only the tuition that is free – Students are still supposed to pay for their personal expenses, along-with the semester contribution and administrative fees, which are very low. One such example is the “Goethe University Frankfurt” or the “Frankfurt University,” Germany, founded in 1914 as a citizen’s university, and is today a leading provider of research-focused studies, and has produced a number of Nobel Laureates.

The administrative fee at Goethe University Frankfurt is 352.59 Euros per semester only, which also includes a Goethe “Magic Card” which is your ticket to use public transport for free in the vicinity of Frankfurt, as well as travel to various nearby cities by rail, for free! Besides that, the total monthly expense of living in Frankfurt, Germany for students is approximately 980 Euros, which includes food, rent, internet, and health insurance.) This is the only amount a student at Goethe University has to pay, so without further ado, here is the application process for international students:

—–      Aptitude Test (Only for some degree programs)

Some degree programs require an additional aptitude test, whose list can be found on the university’s website. Before the main application process, students applying for these programs are supposed to pass the aptitude test.

 —- German Language Proficiency.

  • International students applying for “Studienkolleg” (Preparatory courses for higher education) or the language preparing courses (DSH-Vorbereitungskurs) are required to present certificates proving at least basic knowledge of the German language at the completed level B1.
  • For direct studies/degree courses in German, applicants are required to present language certificates at the completed level C1.
  • Prior to commencing the studies, applicants are required to pass the DHS (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) which is a German language proficiency test with at least a score of 67% (DSH-2 result.) The DHS is conducted at the Goethe University itself, a few weeks before the new semester. Details of the fee for this test may be found at the University’s website.
  • ——-Other Required Documents

Other required documents include Secondary School leaving certificate, translated either in English or German, the previously mentioned language certificates, copy of passport (personal information page only) and payment slip for the uni-assist (verification of credentials for non-German applicants), which is 75 Euros.

—–    Apply Via Uni-Assist.

The international students not holding an Abitur-Diploma from a German or other higher secondary school which qualifies them for admission in German universities, are supposed to apply via uni-assist, which is a way to verify the credentials of the applicants. The fee mentioned in the previous paragraph is to be paid prior to sending in all the documents along with the application for the uni-assist, which can be found on the university’s website.

—–      Send in Your Application.

All the documents are supposed to be in hard-copy form. Students are required to print the online application, fill it, and send it to the following address, along with all the required documents:

c/o uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

——     Apply for Student-Visa.

Non EU-Applicants (except for those belonging to Israel, Korea, and some other countries) are highly advised to apply for student-visa at the German-consulate in their home country, at least a few months before the commencement of the new semester and the DHS, since the visa-procedure can take up to two months.

——Await Further Notice.

The next step is to wait for further notice from Goethe University Frankfurt. Upon selection, you will be provided with all the instructions regarding the DHS test. Good luck!


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