How To Get Into Medical School in Australia

medd222If you’re looking for an overseas destination to start your medical career, you can’t go wrong with Australia. Combining pioneering medical research with a high quality of living and incredible opportunities to travel, Australia is the ideal location to train to become a doctor. Applying to medical school in Australia is not the same as everywhere else in the world, so before you start dreaming of studying medicine down under, make sure you can meet these vital steps.

Study the right prerequisites

It’s never too early to start thinking about preparing for medical school, and many schools have prerequisites that you have to satisfy. To make sure you graduate year 12 or an overseas equivalent with the right qualifications, you should make sure you study maths, English, biology, chemistry and physics. This is an incredibly demanding academic programme that will set you on the right track.

Gain some experience

Medical school is a very competitive place, so make sure your application stands out by gaining some experience in the medical field. Work experience organisations such as Gap Medics will be able to help you gain clinical experience while travelling, or you could always volunteer at your local hospital. You should also make sure your application is well-rounded by getting involved in some extracurricular activities. This could include a debate club or a sports team; anything that can help you develop the required soft skills.

Take the UMAT or GAMSAT

These tests are designed to complement your academic qualifications rather than replace them. They aren’t IQ tests or personality tests, instead, they test your skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, non-verbal reasoning and other skills considered essential to the study of medicine. There are companies offering expensive prep courses, but these aren’t essential to success and everything you need should be available for free online or in books.

Narrow down your choice of school

There are 19 medical schools in Australia and they all have a different approach to teaching. You should narrow down your chosen schools to around four or five to give you the best chance of impressing them with your application. Pay close attention to the entry requirements as you may waste an application on a school that you don’t meet the requirements for.

Ace the interview

If you are applying for a five or six-year undergraduate medical program you will likely have to attend an interview. If you have completed the steps above, the interview process will be much easier as you will have plenty to talk about.

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