How to Establish Communication with Online College Classmates

online-classmateToday we have so many opportunities to educate yourself. Currently, you don’t even have to go to college in order to do so. Various online colleges and other educational platforms allow everyone to master new useful skills and to gain more knowledge. However, simply enrolling in a course is not always enough: you have to find time to learn, complete your assignments on time, and, of course, communicate with your coursemates.

Doing this is much harder than in real college: you don’t actually meet face to face, so you can’t simply walk to them and start a small talk. However, if you manage to establish communication with them, this can benefit you and your study process in many ways. Let me tell you more about that.

Why should you establish communication with online college classmates?

First, any online courses are a good opportunity to meet new people, who are interested in the same things you are. Second, this can make your study process more fun, interesting and useful: you’ll be able to share some study tips and learning materials, to exchange feedback, and so on.

You will also feel more motivated and be more responsible when it comes to completing your assignments: it would be impossible to do them half-heartedly or not to do them at all when you see that your classmates study hard to do your best.

Moreover, there might be a possibility that you’ll need any kind of help during your course. Sure, you can ask for help even if you’ve never spoken to your coursemates before, but it won’t look good to them if you come for them only when you need something. On the contrary, when you already know your coursemates, you can ask for help freely (and probably they’ll help you better in this case).

So, what do you need to know to establish communication with your classmates?

  1. Try to establish that connection as soon as possible.

Usually, at the beginning of every course teachers encourage students to introduce themselves. This is a great opportunity for you: write a detailed introduction and try to respond to others’ introductions too. Ask questions and try to make your responses look personal.

Of course, not all students are willing to communicate with their coursemates, but those ones that write introductions and discuss them usually do. Moreover, at the beginning of the course, students are usually more open to communication than in the middle of the course, when most people already know each other. So try not to miss this moment.

  1. Come up with interesting topics.

Online learning platforms usually have special forums (or, at least, discussion page in a course itself). Use this forum or a discussion page to communicate with your classmates: think of some interesting topics related to your course or to the whole online learning process and create them, inspiring a discussion.

  1. Don’t miss the opportunity to study offline.

Some online platforms (for example, Coursera), allow students from a certain city to meet in a real life to studying together. This can be a perfect opportunity for you to make new friends or at least to spend some quality time on studies. Ask your teacher whether your platform has this option or look for it by yourself and try to seize this opportunity.

  1. Give feedback.

Most of the courses allow students to leave feedback to each other’ works. Therefore, if you have something to say, you should definitely do it. Of course, it is important for you not to only give feedback, but also to make it as detailed and constructive as possible, otherwise, it would look like you’re just doing it half-heartedly.

Basically, all you need to do to establish a connection with your coursemates is to be active, social and to be genuinely interested in who they are and what do they do during a course. People always feel when your interest is genuine and respond to it well.

I hope you’ll succeed in this and will be able not only to finish a course successfully but also to make new friends and have a lot of fun during your studying process. I wish you good luck with all of that!

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