How to choose a perfect university to study abroad

perfectExchange programs for students have become very popular these days. Students from all over the world pick universities outside their country to go and study there, to gain an unforgettable experience and learn from other cultures. Before we go to the part where we share the secrets of finding a perfect university for you to study abroad, let us see why studying in a different country can be beneficial and debunk some of the myths. If you’re considering studying abroad, we hope you’ll find this info useful and motivating to start a new life adventure.

Reasons to study abroad

  1. First of all, you should consider studying abroad as it is a unique opportunity for you to see the world. You will move to a different country, maybe even a different part of the world, visit the places of interest there with your friends, and experience new thrilling emotions. Who would not want it?
  2. You will mature both socially and mentally. Living by yourself among people, whose view of life in general and perspective on small routine things, in particular, are different from yours, will help you become more mature and responsible in life.
  3. This will give you a chance of making friends for life. Being foreigners in a different country has its own difficulties, but it is also a key factor in making you close to the ones that are there to support and help you in moments like this.
  4. Studying abroad is a good idea for your resume. Your potential employers will be impressed with this experience on your resume, especially if this is a prestigious university.
  5. You will learn a new language (in case you go to study to a country which official language is different from your mother tongue). Languages are essential today, especially if you are willing to work at an international company.
  6. This will definitely teach you living independently. The understanding that you have to solve your problems yourself will come in handy many more times throughout your life. So learn it while studying abroad.
  7. You will get to eat food from all over the world and maybe even learn how to cook your favorite exotic meal.
  8. This experience will teach you how precious your family is because distance can kill your old connection, but there is nothing that can ruin your close relationship with your family. They will be there for you no matter what!
  9. You can save some money. Sometimes studying abroad can be cheaper and more affordable than going to a local university. International students can apply for scholarships and grants that are not available for the local students. So studying abroad can be right for your family budget.

I hope that this long list of advantages of studying abroad persuaded you to go to the length of leaving your comfort zone and start an adventure you will never regret. The only question left here is how to pick the university that will be perfect for you. Here is what graduate students told us about the process of choosing the college they wanted to study at.

Pick the right school for you

  1. You should start with figuring out your biggest passions in life. What do you like? What do you want to dedicate your life to? It might seem like an easy question for some students, but not for all of them. That is why numerous programs that help you analyze your gifts and talents can be helpful here. Consider using their services as well as asking your friends and family for a piece of advice on your future profession.

After you find the answer to this question, search for universities that have departments you might be interested in. It might take time, especially if you want to choose a highly specialized occupation. But it is your future we are talking about! So take your time to find the universities with the specialization you want to take up.

  1. Always pick up the best educational establishments. Do not underestimate yourself! At the same time, you should be realistic. Take a look at your grades and certificates: if they do not meet the minimum requirements or are just a little bit above it, keep looking. This information is available on the Internet with free access. Search for the official rankings online and find those universities that fit you.
  2. No matter how good the school might be, if it is in a country, you cannot relate yourself to, drop this idea. You will have to spend several years of your life among that culture, so be careful when applying: make sure you like and understand the state and its people. Start with researching the climate conditions, how far this place is from your home, in what city the university is located, and how different the culture there is the one you are used to.
  3. Learn more about the student life at the university of your choice. If you have an active lifestyle and like to party, find out what students events there are on the campus you can participate in. Some universities offer more campus activities than others, so take that into account. Moreover, see if they have sports or workshops you can join there. You might not remember how your auditorium looked like, but you will remember student years for the fun activities you had with your fellow students.
  4. Studying abroad can cost you a fortune. Therefore, make sure to find out all the details about costs and fees at this university. If it is quite expensive, do not get upset right away. You can always apply for grants and scholarships if there are any. Even if the costs are not too high, consider applying for a scholarship anyway: you can use the money you will save for extracurricular activities.
  5. Finally, when the list of the universities you want to study at comes down to a few points, use the testimonials of the students that studied or are now studying there to help you decide. You can search for these testimonials on the website of the universities as well as in the communities of the social networks. You can also ask friends if they know someone from those universities and ask them to spread the word that you need an advice of someone from the school you are about to enter.

To sum up, studying abroad is a very good idea and an experience that will enrich your life and make it bright and meaningful. Nevertheless, a process of selection the right educational establishment should also be taken seriously. We hope that you will find our tips useful! And good luck with your studying!


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