How to Apply for Admission in Universities Offering Almost Free Tuition to International Students

Many students around the world desire to undertake tertiary education abroad but cannot do so because of the cost of continuing higher education in a foreign country, don’t give up on dreams of pursuing higher education because there are many countries in the world which offers the higher education for free or very low cost. All you have to do is select your destination and pack your bags to leave the town.

Procedure and requirements for admission in the foreign university

Application Process

Some universities might require you to apply for application after checking your skills but the vast majority of universities will ask you to send them an application for admission in their universities. Therefore, a student must fill an application form first where students have to give details about themselves, reasons why they want to study from certain university and mention the program, which they want to study. Students will be required to attach the import document asked in it.

This application form will be checked and read by the university officials, from the admission department, and they will evaluate the form and some information about the student and after it, they will either accept or reject the form. This application process must be sent within the application period, every university has a different application period. Some universities will even ask for the application fee.

Previous academic record

For an international student who intends to apply for higher education in a foreign country, it is important you provide all your previous education scores and certificate based on it, the foreign university will judge you based on all submitted documents. Your previous record should meet the criteria set by them.

Entry test

There are some  universities that might require you take standardized tests to assess your skills and assess whether you are intelligent enough to study there. Based on the score, you secured in the test they will accept or reject you.

Standardized test

Students applying for either undergraduate or graduate program will be required to provide the scores for the test that are accepted almost all over the world. With the help of these test results, a university will evaluate the student capability and skills, which will help them in identifying whether a student is capable or not for studying in the applied university. These tests will check your English, Maths and Reasoning Skills.

Every university has a different minimum score requirement but the following scores are acceptable in the majority of universities.

  • ACT

Students are required to score a minimum composite score of 21 and a minimum of 18 in each section.

  • SAT

Students are required to score a minimum of 600-700 marks in SAT paper.

  • GMAT

A minimum score of 550 is required for admission in a university

  • GRE

Students must secure at least 340 in GRE for admission.

  1. Language proficiency

If a student whose mother language is not English, has applied for a university where courses will be taught in English so he will be required to prove that he is proficient in English by taking a proficiency test and providing the score of one of the following score.


A student must score at least 6.5 in IELTS test and provide the proof to the university.

  • SAT

A student must score at least 570 marks on the Evidence-based reading and Writing section.


A student who takes TOEFL test must score a minimum 80 marks if its internet based test and 550 if its paper-based exam.

  • ACT

A student must score at least 24 on the English section.

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If a student has selected a university, which offers, courses in the local language so a student has to learn that language from a recognizable institute, pass a language test and provide that test score. For example, if a student is applying for a German university so he has to learn German and pass the assessment test of a university for German proficiency. The test taken by a university for German proficiency is called the Deutsche Sprachprüfung Für Den Hochschulzugang more commonly known as DSH or another way to prove your German proficiency is by taking TestDaF test.

Bank statement

In order to get admission aboard students must provide the bank statement, which will prove that student, have enough money to meet his expenses for a whole year. Students have to provide bank statement every year to renew his visas. The minimum amount that a student needs to show is around 8,000 USD.


When applying for visa student is required to provide a bank statement, admission letter and reason for studying in a certain country. After checking complete information about you, immigration officials will decide whether to give you a visa or not to. Students Visa is usually valid for 1 year or the duration of your degree program and after that, it has to be renewed.

Financial Support

A student who wants to reduce financial burden from their shoulder can apply for financial support programs such as scholarship and students loan.


Students who are looking to study in the international university, which is providing higher education for extremely low cost, can easily study in the university by following the procedure mentioned above.

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