How to Answer Common Admission Interview Questions


  (1)Why do you want to attend this University?


This question is almost guaranteed to come up during your admission interview and could be phrased differently to something like, “what made you choose this university?”. This question will test your knowledge of the university and allows the university to gauge your motivation. Don’t talk about the location being pretty or the course sounding good. Do well to give detailed and thoughtful responses by using the department’s unique approach to the course you are considering. Dont mention things such as night life or costs.

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   (2) Why do you want to study this subject?

This question is important as the interviewers want to know that you are genuinely interested in your subject and are following it for good reasons. Spend time talking about how much you enjoy learning about the field and show how it fits with your career and future aspirations. Don’t give off the impression that you went with something someone else choose.

(3) What are you reading at the moment?

Especially likely when you have applied for a subject which involves a lot reading such as english literature. This question will likely spark a discussion between you and the interviewers.It will of course help if you have chosen some reading reading material which is in some way relevant to the course you are applying for.So plan this in advance if you can. You could equally be asked what book you enjoy reading or what book has a special meaning for you.

(4) How would your friends describe you?

This question once again gives you the opportunity to talk about your personality and its important you think about it ahead of the interviews. Being friendly, a good listener  and caring are great to use. They are not particularly going to impress your interviewers. Try and say something more memorable such as you are very determined and motivated; you are a natural leader or good collaborator. Try to back up what you say with  examples.

(5)What achievements are you most proud of?

The interviewer might specify that they want you to talk about academic achievement, but even if they don’t, this is probably a good area to stick to in your answer. You could talk about a prize you won during your studies, a test you did particularly well or a coursework project you did well in.


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