How To Ace Your Scholarship Essay In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Know Your Audience

When writing a scholarship essay, bear in mind that this is going to be read by people who have done this for years, people who have read hundreds if not thousands of applications. This means it gets boring for them to hear the same stories over and over from different applicants. Avoid buzz words such as “diversity”, “hard-worker”, and “enthusiastic”. They have heard it all before, save them from the boredom.


  1. Personal Branding

Standing out is key. Give them a unique edge about yourself. Something that can tell you apart from other applicants. You need to make them feel like you are the student they have been looking for.

  • Strongest Personality Trait: tell them what about you makes you a better candidate than the others. What about your personality will interest them and make them to have such a life on their campus?
  • Distinguishing Skills:

What talents set you apart from other applicants? Are you multi-lingual? Do you play a rare sport? Are you competent in some skill most people your age aren’t? Explain how you developed these skills and show them your passion for these skills.

  • Big Moments/Major Accomplishments: don’t be shy about mentioning your accomplishments. This is not bragging, this list you say a lot about you. Write about the challenges you have experienced that made your big moments what they are and why they mean so much to you. Passion sells. Do not limit yourself only to the class room. What do you do well outside the classroom? What are you known for besides your straight A report card?


  1. Avoid The Sob Story

They have heard it before. No, it will not give you any advantage. Most people believe showing your “need” for the opportunity gives you some advantage. Yes it could be a cherry on top if you have already aced your application. However, if your application does not cut it, the sob story does nothing for you.


  1. Show confidence

As you write your essay, communicate in a sincere and confident manner without sounding too cocky. It is all about the tone. You want them to feel that you are self-assured and passionate about what you are talking about.

  1. Flawless Writing

Make sure you take time to understand the topic you are writing on and plan your points before getting into the writing process. Avoid last minute rush, your work must reflect that you actually put some time and effort into it. Be meticulous about your writing: proof read your work for errors such as grammar. You can even try out writing tools such as grammarly for assistance. Avoid plagiarism at all costs. What is worse than buzz words is feeling like you are reading a template from some website.


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