Guidelines on how to Study on Low Tuition in Cyprus for International Students

Cyprus is officially known as the republic of Cyprus-one of the many island countries located in the Eastern Mediterranean. Located North of Egypt, northwest of Israel, South of Turkey, Cyprus is the third largest and most populated island in the Mediterranean.

Archaeological remains found on the island suggest that human activities date way back to the 10th Millennium BC, including the well preserved Neolithic village of Khirokitia. Cyprus has in the past been occupied by different empires because of its strategic location. These include the Egyptians, Persians, Assyrians, Arab Caliphates,  French and Ottoman Empire.

Sometime in 1974, Cyprus was divided into two main parts: one region under the control of the republic covering 59% landmass and the self declared Turkish republic of Northen Cyprus making up 36% of the land while 4% is under the UN buffer zone.

This country is a major tourist destination with high income and advanced economy.

Why You Should Study in Cyprus

There are several benefits of studying in Cyprus:


  • Although the official languages are Greek and Turkish, English is widely spoken as a third language.
  • Cyprus is part of the European Union.
  • Living expenses are lower when compared to other locations such as the UK.
  • International students are able to take up part time jobs where they can earn up to 500 to 600 Euros per month.
  • You are not required to submit IELTS.
  • Students with average scores are able to apply and study in some of the best universities there
  • The influx of many tourists provide a safe haven for international students.
  • You are much more likely to get a job in a european country after graduation.
  • Cyprus has such natural beauty-you’ll love the environment and natural spaces.

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Top Universities in Cyprus and their Ranking


(1) University of Cyprus


Country rank – 1

World rank- 1241

The university of Cyprus was founded sometime in 1980 as a non profit . It is located in the capital city of Nicosia and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The admission policy is based on entrance exams and it has both academic and non academic facilities for students.

(2)  Dogu Akdeniz Niversitezi

Country rank- 2

World rank – 16257

This university is located in the medium sized town of Famagusta in Northen Cyprus and has a student population of 10,000 to 50,000. It was founded in 1979  as a non profit by the higher education planning, evaluation, accreditation  and cordination council, North Cyprus.The admission policy is based on entrance examination, and previous academic records.

(3)  Girne Amerikan Niversitesi

Country rank: 3

World rank:

This university has an enrolment range of 6,000 to 7,000 and offer programs that lead to recognized degrees such as pre bachelor, bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees. The admission policy is based on past academics and grades of students.

How to Apply for Admission

International applicants should have completed a secondary school degree or its equivalent. prior to application. Application forms and more information about admission can be obtained from the office of admissions of relevant universities.

When to apply

This information can be obtained from the office of admissions of respective colleges of interest.

Deadline for Submission

This depends largely on your university of interest.Contact the office of admissions of respective universities and colleges for info on this.

There is also financial aid assistance at universities in cyprus in order to begin and complete your university education.

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