Guide on how to Study on Low Tuition in Kosovo

Kosovo is a beautiful landlocked country in the Central Balkan Peninsula.It has a strategic location in the Balkans.Serving as an important link in the connection between Central and Southern Europe, the adriatic sea and the black sea. The capital and largest city is Pristina, while other urban areas include:Prizen, Pec and Farizaj. The country is bordered by Albania to the southwest, the Republic of Macedonia to the Southeast and Montenegro to the West.

Students who undertake study abroad education in Kosovo, will be able to learn a second or language and have infinite opportunities opened up to them. You probably may have heard of Kosovo for the historical wars. You don’t have to worry; that was in the past.

University Education in Kosovo

Note that in Kosovo, public universities do not provide academic programs in English Language. There are only a few private universities which offer English Language programs in different fields for which you pay tuition fee. The tuition charged is cheap and affordable for international students. A semester in a public university would cost around $50.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Kosovo is very affordable.If you want to live in university dormitories, you’ll have to pay 25 euro/month. If you intend to live in a private apartment, the price will be 150-200 Euro/month. Put together, living, eating and transport can go for about 300 euro/month.

List of Universities in Kosovo

Below are some of the universities present in the country:

  • University of Pristina, located in the city of Pristina as a public university
  • University of Prizren, located in the city of Prizren.
  • Haxhi Zeka University of Pec, located in the City of Pec, as a public university.
  • European Vision University, a private school.
  • American University in Kosovo, a private school.
  • Iliria Royal University, a private school.
  • AAB Riinvest University, a private school.
  • University for Business and Tech, a private school.
  • Universum University, a private school.

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How to Apply for Visa

Once you have gained admission to study in Kosovo,you’ll have to enrol in one of the universities. Once that is done, you can apply for and obtain the required student visa. An application with the Kosovo Government, through a consulate or embassy can help students to do so. A fee is paid at this time. The applicant is expected to submit a letter indicating their acceptance into the program, as well as information regarding the student’s accommodation.

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