Funded 2018 Swiss International ReSource Award in Water Management in Developing Countries

The international resource award for resilience in water management is a prize acknowledging social entrepreneurial thinking and leadership in implementing the principle in sustainability in water management

Application Deadline 22 March 2017

Eligible Countries: developing countries

About the Award: the award recognises new approaches for resolving existing issues related to sustainable water management. The prize builds more than 10 years’ experience in bestowing the recognised resource award for sustainable water shed management. Every year an international jury awards USD 150,000 to new social entrepreneur’s initiatives driving sustainable water management practices. The award is one concrete initiative of how the Swiss Re Foundation contributes to the advancement of water resilience in low, lower middle, upper middle,-income countries.

The ReSource award acknowledges social entrepreneurial initiative aimed at prototyping or scaling up new approaches for resolving existing social or ecological issues related to sustainable water management practises. Examples includes access to use and supply of water, hygiene, sanitation in low and middle income countries as classified by the World Bank

Type: entrepreneurship contest

Eligibility: applicants with the skills and resources and commitments to launch and manage a social entrepreneurial initiative related to sustainable water management are invited to apply for the resource award. Currently only proposals are being considered that are designed to be implemented in low, lower middle and upper middle income countries as classified by the world bank in terms of per capital GDP. Originators for example, a team or organization may not submit more than one proposal a yea. The resource award intends to partner up directly with social purpose organisation with existing or planed revenue generating activities. Accordingly intermediary institutions that support social entrepreneurs are not supported under the award.

Proposal Eligibility: The short and full proposals submitted will be assessed with regard to the following areas:


  • Social and ecological challenge: The proposal demonstrates a profound and authentic understanding of the social and ecological problem to be addressed.
  • Impact: The expected social, ecological and economic impact is clearly defined and in line with the scope of the ReSource Award.
  • Approach: The proposal outlines a compelling social entrepreneurial approach to address the defined challenge. The defined goal and expected impact can realistically be achieved with the approach presented.
  • Financials: There is a financially viable business plan in place based on clear and logical assumptions.
  • Competencies: A qualified team with appropriate skills and track record is in place.
  • Risk management: All relevant risk drivers and related prevention and risk mitigation measures are defined.

Number of Awardees: three finalists (USD 20 000 + coaching each)and a winner will be selected.

Value of Scholarship: The prize combines financial and non-financial contributions (coaching/expert advice). Half of the total contribution equivalent to USD 150 000 will be allocated to three finalists (USD 20 000 + coaching each) from whom the winner will be selected. The award winning organization will be supported (USD 75 000 + coaching) during the following three years in further developing, prototyping or scaling up its social entrepreneurial initiative.

How to Apply: Applicants are asked to provide information on their social entrepreneurial initiative by completing the online questionnaire on our website. The application process is divided into four steps. Details on each step and on the criteria applied are available here. Offline applications are accepted in exceptional cases only upon prior inquiry with the Secretary of ReSource Award.

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