Funded 2017/2018 Norwich Business School Scholarships

Application Deadlines: The deadlines are shown below:

  • NBS Step-Up Scholarship: 31st July 2017
  • NBS Going Forward Scholarship: 30th June 2017
  • NBS Open World Scholarship: 31st May 2017

Scholarship country:  Scholarships will be taken in the UK

Scholarship Info: Three scholarship  awards will be  available for students intending to begin Msc courses. They are:

  • NBS Step-Up Scholarship
  • NBS Going Forward Scholarship
  • NBS Open World Scholarship

There are a significant number of scholarships available to help students wishing to continue their studies to MSc level.  The School offers two strands of Master’s Programmes: Applied Career courses and Academic and Professional courses.  Applied Career Courses provide practical career relevant study for people expecting to take up management roles early in their career and are suitable for graduates of non-business related degrees.

Students who achieve a degree from Norwich Business School, who have a degree from UEA in a subject with a strong numerical content, or a Business-related degree from another institution, can apply for our Academic and Professional Courses which are designed for graduates seeking advanced level research skills, and for people considering further steps in their education such as a PHD.

There are also two specialist Master programmes available: MSc Enterprise and Business Creation prepares students considering starting a business.  MSc Brand Leadership support students seeking a career working with creative strategies to develop brands.

Scholarship Type: Masters

£4000 NBS Step-Up Scholarship: This scholarship is only applicable to  current UEA final year undergraduate students who desire to continue their studies to MSc level in Norwich Business School in September 2017.


  • UEA graduates completing their undergraduate degree in any subject in summer 2017 and progressing directly to an MSc in Norwich Business School in September 2017
  • Degree with a classification of 2:1
  • Complete application for the MSc course submitted by 31st July 2017

Value of Scholarship:

  • Scholarship value is pegged at  £4000 and is payable as a reduction of tuition fee.
  • The duration of the award is one year
  • This scholarship cannot be held alongside any other scholarship

Selection Process:

  • Awarded automatically to students meeting the eligibility criteria.  Awards will be confirmed after the degree results are released

£4000 NBS Going Forward Scholarship: This scholarship is for students graduating from any UK or EU institutions wishing to take an MSc in Norwich Business School in September 2017.


  • You are eligible to apply if you are a graduate of any UK / EU institution
  • Apply if your degree has a classification of 2:1 (or equivalent)
  • Complete application for the MSc course submitted by 30th June 2017
  • Scholarship statement submitted by 30th June 2017

How does the course you have applied for help you achieve your career goals and how would your experiences and interests aid the learning of the cohort as a whole?

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