Funded 2017/2018 Anhui Government Scholarships – China

Anhui government scholarship program for international students is established to attract more international students to study and research in Anhui higher education institution, improve international student education quality, strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between Anhui people and people from the rest of the world and expand the international influence of Anhui’s education

Application Deadline: Deadline to be determined by partispating schools

Eligible Countries: International

To be taken at Country: China

About the Award: This program sponsors international who apply to study or who studied undergraduate or post graduate programs in institutions of higher learning in Anhui province (except those who have been sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarship Programs)

Type: undergraduate or post graduate


  • Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with foreign passports and valid Chinese visa and should be friendly to China
  • Applicants should have documents such as HSK to proof that they have required leve of proficiency in Chinese ( limitation shall be relaxed if all the courses of the program the applicant study are instructed directly in English)
  • Educational background and age limit
  • Applicant for undergraduate program must have senior high school diploma and be under the age of 28
  • Applicants for master’s degree program must have bachelor’s degree and two letter of recommendation from professor or associate professor and be under the age of 40
  • Applicants for doctoral degree program must have master’s degree and two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors and be under the age of 45.
  • Applicants should abide by Chinese laws and rules and regulations of the school and have good academic performances.


  1. Scholarship quota is allocated by Anhui Provincial Department of Education to institutions of higher learning in Anhui recruiting international students at the end of November.
  2. Colleges and Universities in Anhui recruit eligible international students or organize eligible international students at school to apply for the scholarship according to specified quota. Pre-admission lists should be submitted to the
  1. Provincial department of education before Mid-June.
  2. The Provincial Department of Education shall organize experts to conduct the assessment and send the result to each college or university at the end of June.
  3. The Provincial Department of Education shall allot funds to each college or university according to the actual number of international students winning the scholarship in September. The scholarship shall be given to students by the school.
  4. If the holder of the scholarship breaks rules, laws or regulations, the school shall report the infringement to the Provincial Department of Education to stop offering scholarship to that student.
  1. · The school should make a comprehensive assessment on holders of the scholarship to determine whether they are qualified to gain the scholarship in the next year. The result should be submitted to the Provincial Department of EducationEducation before the end of May in written form.

Value of Scholarship: 

  • Applicants for bachelor’s degree: 20,000 yuan/year
  • Applicants for Master’s degree: 30,000 yuan/year
  • Applicants for Doctoral degree: 50,000 yuan/year

How to Apply: Applicants must provide the following documents:

  1. Application Form for Anhui Government Scholarship for International Students 
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Notarized highest diploma
  4. Academic and school performance transcripts
  5. Original recommendation letters

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

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