Funded 2017 Taiwan Government International Scholarship Program

Application Deadline: 31st March 2017

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries: The scholarship is open to all international students (excluding students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau) from any country

To be taken at (country): Universities and Colleges in Taiwan

About the award: the government of Taiwan through the ministry of foreign affairs(MOFA)has established the Taiwan Scholarship Program for foreign students in an effort to encourage outstanding international students to undertake degree studies in Taiwan so as to familiarize themselves with the academic environment in Taiwan and promote communication, understanding and friendship between Taiwan countries around the world.

Offered since: 2010

Eligibility: candidate;

  • Is a high school graduate or above with an excellent academic record, of good moral character and no criminal record.
  • Is not a national of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Is not an overseas compatriot student.
  • Has never attended an educational institution in Taiwan at the same level or degree or LEP that he/she intends to apply for.
  • Is not an exchange student through any corporation agreement between a foreign university/college and an educational institution in Taiwan while receiving the scholarship.
  • Has not previously had a scholarship revoked by an ROC government or any other relevant institution


Non-degree LEP: one year.

  1. Degree programs:

(1) Undergraduate program: four years maximum

(2) Master’s program: two years maximum

(3) Doctoral program: four years maximum

How to Apply: the applicants should send the following documents within the period specified with their application to the nearest Taiwan embassy or representative official in their country.

  • Taiwan Scholarship Application Form (available here)
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport or other nationality certificates.
  • A copy of the highest degree and academic transcripts. If issued by international educational institutions, these documents must be authenticated by an overseas Representative Office or be sealed and delivered by the awarding institutions. Documents in a language other than Chinese or English must be translated into Chinese or English and the translated documents must be authenticated.
  • A copy of admission application materials to universities/colleges in Taiwan (e.g., copies of application fee remittance, application form, receipt of application from universities/colleges, e-mails, ).
  • A copy of a language proficiency certificate:
    • 1.A copy of results or certificate for the “Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language” (TOCFL) Basic or above.
    • 2.For applications to all-English programs, a copy of TOEFL test scores or other recognized English language proficiency exams or degrees awarded in English must be submitted. English-speaking nationals are exempt from this rule.
    • Two letters of reference, signed and sealed in envelopes (i.e. from the principals, professors, or supervisors). Photo copies and email submissions of letters of recommendation will not be considered.
    • Additional documents as specified by the individual representative offices.

Sponsors: The Taiwan Scholarship Program is jointly established and funded by three government agencies of the Republic of China (Taiwan) — the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan (NSC)

Visit Scholarship Webpage for Details


For more enquiries about admissions into universities abroad, send an email to or call +2348125835476

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