Fully funded University of Edinburgh MasterCard Foundation Scholarship 2017/2018, Scotland

mas-1Application Deadline: Submit applications on or before 30th November 2016.

Eligible Countries: Applicants from any African country can apply.

Scholarship Country: Scholarship will take place in Scotland, UK

Eligible Courses: All Undergraduate courses available at the university.

Scholarships will also be available for the following postgraduate Masters programmes:

  • MSc Africa and International Development
  • MSc Education
  • MSc Environment and Development
  • MSc Global Health and Public Policy
  • LLM Human Rights
  • MSc Product Design
  • MSc Sustainable Energy Systems

Scholarship Info: The Edinburgh MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme is aimed at supporting the brightest and best African students with great potential but limited educational opportunities. By virtue of the generous contribution of the Foundation, accepted scholars will be provided with the opportunity to become leaders within their communities and to improve the lives of countless more when they return home to Africa.

The Edinburgh MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program provides young people who have demonstrated academic talent with access to quality education. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is a growing initiative and to date, the Program has committed over $700 million to supporting the education and leadership development of over 30,000 young people. Throughout a network of partners, the Scholars Program ensures that students whose academic talent and promise exceed their financial resources, are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to become the next generation of ethical leaders.

Scholars will be provided with the opportunity to become leaders within their communities and to improve the lives of countless more when they return home to Africa.

Scholarship Type: Bachelors and Masters


  • You must qualify academically for admission to the University of Edinburgh. We prefer that applicants apply to this scholarship BEFORE applying to the University. Please see section on applying below for more information;
  • You must be a resident and citizen of a Sub-Saharan African country, whose personal circumstances would make accepting an offer from the University of Edinburgh difficult.  Applications from Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe are particularly welcome;
  • You must demonstrate a track record of leadership and service within your community; and
  • You are able to present economically disadvantaged circumstances and be able to show that you lack financial means from family or other sources to pursue post-secondary (university) education in your home country or elsewhere.

The scholarship is not available to students already on programme.

Note that scholarships may be terminated at any time if an unsatisfactory progress report is received from the School or if the scholarship holder ceases to be registered as a full-time student at the University of Edinburgh.

Selection Criteria:

  • These are competitive scholarships and awarded broadly on the basis of academic merit. Applicants with unique financial, personal, and family circumstances will also be taken into account.
  • Applicants must also be committed to returning to Africa following their graduation to give back to their home community and country.

Number of Awardees:

  • 15 scholarships are available in 2017/2018 for undergraduate programmes
  • 10 scholarships are available in 2017/2018 for Masters programmes

Value of Scholarship: These scholarship scheme will provide full scholarships, including free accommodation, living costs, travel and tuition fees to  accepted students taking courses on campus at Edinburgh. A total of 60 Scholars from other MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program institutions will equally benefit  from participating in a number of online distance learning Masters programmes on offer by the University of Edinburgh. As well as receiving an excellent education at one of the top ranked universities in the world, undergraduate Scholars will:

  • Enrolled in UK and Africa based Summer Schools;
  • Participate in a course on African development;
  • Be part of  a volunteering project in their home country;
  • Received a work-based placement in the UK;
  • Receive support on their return to their home country; and
  • Following their graduation, around 50% of our undergraduate Scholars will then be supported to complete distance learning Masters degrees after their return to Africa.

Postgraduate masters Scholars will:

  • Complete six courses followed by the production of a dissertation;
  • Participate in a retreat designed to nurture leadership skills;
  • Attend a short Summer School; and
  • Undertake an internship which will include reflective learning.

Online distance Masters Scholars will:

  • Undertake a range of online distance Masters degrees which will be available to 60 Scholars from Edinburgh MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program institutions.

Duration of Scholarship: Scholarships will last for the entire duration of any programme.

How to Apply:

We encourage applicants to apply to this scholarship BEFORE applying to the University (unless they are also applying to funding elsewhere). By completing a short online pre-application assessment, the MCF team will assess the student’s eligibility for the scholarship and if appropriate, provide a full application form.

Scholarship applications open on 4th October 2016 and close at midnight (GMT) on 30th November 2016.

Step 1: Complete an online Pre-Application Assessment

In order to assess your eligibility for the scholarship, please complete the following Pre-Application Assessment Form. Please note that full applications are not accepted before 4th October 2016, but you can complete the Pre- Application Assessment Form before that time..

Step 2: Receive a response from the MCF team

Based on your eligibility for the program as assessed through the online Pre-Application Assessment Form, we will respond to you shortly. We will send you a full scholarship application if you’re eligible for the scholarship program with further information on the terms & conditions of the program.

Step 3: Complete & submit your full scholarship Application form

Complete application and send to us from 4th of October 2016 to midnight (GMT) on 30thNovember 2016.

Please be advised full applications sent before the 4th of October 2016 will not be considered.

Costs associated with visas, English language testing, and the application process (including deposit for application) will be covered by The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme.

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For more enquiries about admissions into universities abroad, send an email to Jonah@studyabroad365.com or call +2348125835476

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