Free tuition university in the US: Deep Springs College

USSecuring a scholarship to study in the United States as international students can be very difficult. Tuition fees charged by universities can go as high as $60,000 for both domestic and foreign students. This could hinder smart but needy students from receiving a world class education and studying free at the same time. The good news is there are a few colleges in the united States that operate free tuition for both domestic and foreign students. Deep Springs College is one of such institutions. Deep Springs not only operates free tuition but offers full scholarships to all admitted students(both local and international). This full scholarship package covers the cost of tuition,accommodation and food. Students would however be required to pay for their own flight.

Why Deep Springs College

-Between 12- 15 students are admitted every year, as such classes at Deep Springs have fewer than eight students-which means a better student-faculty ratio .

-Admitted students participate in cool extra curricular activities such as farm labor, cooking, cleaning, facilities and vehicles maintenance.These activities are essential to an all round educational experience

-After the two year program at Deep Springs,  95% of their graduates get accepted into top universities, some Ivy Leagues to complete 2-3 years of additional undergraduate programs.Most Deep Springs graduates go on to complete their degree programs at universities such as: Brown, Yale,Standford, University of Chicago to mention but a few.

Admission Requirements

The application process for both domestic and international students starts sometime in the fall of every year. For international students, the application is like the same for domestic students with two big exceptions. Submitting SATs and other standardized tests scores are optional. However, for international students who have not attended an english speaking school, a proof of english proficiency TOEFL will be required.

Admission documents

-Three essaysof 1750 words in total.

-A vivid description of a student’s non academic activities and interests.

-Official transcripts from secondary school, colleges, universities attended.

-TOEFL scores(if applicable)

The first round of the application is due at mid night 7th november  PST.

Second round application

In mid december you will be notified of the status of your first round application. If successful, you will be ushered into the second round which will have you submit several essays,recommendation letters,and interview with the application committee.

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