Free Tuition Online Programs for International Students



edX Free Online Courses at Premier Universities

This platform allows international  students the opportunity of taking free online courses offered by top  universities of the world. edX courses are free for everyone except the professional education courses. Though some of the courses it offers have a fee for verified certificates but they are free to audit.

Khan Academy

This is  a non-profit academy with the goal of providing free education anywhere in the world. it has a library of more than 4,500 videos on everything from physics to finance and history.

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It is an education company having partnership with the top universities and organizations worldwide in order to provide online free courses. It has a diverse range of courses in many fields including Medicine, Biology, Humanities, Mathematics, Business, Social Sciences, Computer Sciences and many more.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth believes in education for all and provides a comprehensive collection of free online courses from the outstanding universities around the world.

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