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EuropeanDo you fell like getting a versatile experience in education? Students from countries of almost 100 names are welcome to the Central European University to complete their graduate studies.

About CEU

It supports multidisciplinary studies and provides advanced scholarships. It is a most appreciated university in the world to meet international students.

CEU’s Policy of Admissions

Students signed up to take programs at CEU are not to be signed up at other higher educational institutions synchronously. For programs for masters a first recognized degree or documentation, indicating their earning that degree before accepting CEU’s program, are required. For doctoral programs students are to provide a master’s degree or a respective documentation. All programs are in English.

General requirements for admission:


  • Complete the CEU form of online application
  • First degree: bachelor’s degree for master’s applicants; master’s degree for doctoral applicants
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of Proficiency of the English language

Checklist and Form of Application

All application data must be filed in the form of online application for each program to be enrolled in. Documents given by postal mail, email or fax will not be regarded as valid. You can follow the process of your application procedure online.

Candidates must have at least two English recommendation letters from their former place of education or supervisors appraising their faculties to venture graduate studies and likelihoods for success.  Emailed or faxed are not to be examined.

When you apply online you must scan your official diploma in English or your translated bachelor’s or respectively master’s diploma.

Candidates must upload a resume in any format with a publication list provided obtainable.

Most CEU’s programs require additional supporting documents such as an issue of objective, proposal of research or writing samples, test scores, etc. Each program provides different requirements.


It is a must for candidates to make a display of proficient level of English by passing tests, e.g., the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or other ones. Students are exempt from this requirement provided that English is their mother tongue.

CEU stipulates a fee for your application of 40 USD to be paid just once regardless of how many programs one has applied for. The fee can be paid by a card with the help of the system of online application or through CEU’s payment gateway.

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Fees and Funding

CEU attracts smart students and scholar from all around the world providing a wide abundance of scholarships and tuition awards. Candidates may get only one package of Financial Aid to become students at CEU making a liable evaluation of their financial need.

Concerned with receiving CEU financial aid applicants must fill in the corresponding part of the CEU form of online application already mentioned above.

The CEU Alumni Scholarships are granted to pay the student’s living wage. Special Alumni Scholarships for Ukrainian, Belarusian and Serbian students are also on offer. Applicants should give their evidence of volunteerism, eagerness to become a devoted intern at the CEU and a volunteer alumnus after graduate studies.

External scholarships include scholarships, grants and other fellowships listed below:


  • Civil Society Leadership Scholarship
  • International Visegrad Fund
  • Marie Curie Fellowship
  • Erasmus Mundus Programmes
  • Rotary Scholarship
  • German Academic Exchanges Service (DAAD)
  • Swedish Fund (CSN)
  • Young Cell Scheme EU
  • Group of Eight Australia


The CEU Master’s Scholarship is given at two stages: CEU Master’s Excellence Scholarship and CEU Master’s Scholarship. The scholarships cover in full tuition costs and costs of medical insurance. Moreover, excellence students are to be awarded a 96,000 HUF and 50,000 HUF monthly stipends respectively.

The CEU Doctoral Scholarship insures education, medical insurance and grants a 220,000 HUF stipend to pay off costs for tuition and lodging. All students are obliged to pay the Student Enrollment Fee.

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Studying at CEU means thorough training and sharing ideas on the pressing problems of today in a most out-going environment. Students are assured to acquire a priceless academic experience which will enhance their reputation in global society.

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