Excellent tips on how to win a full scholarship


ccThere are several institutions that offer scholarships to exceptional students and those who cannot afford to study. Universities and schools offer scholarships and so do private or federal institution. Scholarships are usually given to students who demonstrate a combination of financial need and excellence in achievement. Below are various tips that contribute to winning a full scholarship. Keep the following tips in mind when applying for scholarships.

Choose the right school

Winning a scholarship has a lot to with how well you fit into the institution you are applying to. If your goals and ambitions matches the university’s, you stand a greater chance of getting in. So try to find a scholarship at a school where you think you fit in.


Ask yourself the following questions:


  • What do you aim to achieve through your studies?


  • Does the university offer the degree you are interested in?


  • Does the university suit your personality?                                                                                                                               Get exceptional grades

To qualify for a full scholarship, you need to do exceptionally well in school. Universities want to invest in students who will represent the greatness of the institution. Demonstrate your excellence by maintaining good grades.

    Demonstrate financial need

Scholarships are reserved for students with great potential, but limited means of getting a degree. Therefore, it is important to demonstrate your limited financial means.


This is usually done by:


  • Submitting bank statements of recent months


  • Submitting bank statements of your guardian if you have any


  • Filling out an expense list
  • Get your documents ready

Alongside the application forms you will need to submit, you will also have to submit several supporting documents. This will be a document for identification, financial documents, proof of residence and your marks for your current school. Make sure you have all the necessary documents before submitting your scholarship application. Applications that do not have the right supporting documents will likely be disqualified.

Get involved in extracurricular activities

A student who has an impressive resume with lots of extracurricular activities will be more likely to win than a student who did the minimum. Scholarship boards look for well-rounded students with dynamic presences and personalities. In addition to academics, joining an extracurricular organization can help to demonstrate that you’re a serious and dedicated student.

Write a flawless personal statement

Your personal statement should provide a summary of who you are and who you aim to become. You might need to craft your statement a little differently for each scholarship. Introduce yourself to the organization by naming your interests, your goals, and your personality. You can also use the personal statement to briefly discuss an obstacle you have overcome.


Beyond this keep the following in mind:


  • Choose a formal tone to write in and do not use slang


  • Use good grammar throughout


  • Divide your piece into about three paragraphs                                                                                                                        Secure an athletic scholarship

If you are not the academic type of student you can always apply for an athletics scholarship too. If you are a very talented athlete this could be the way you get into a university to study. Lots of university teams offer free tuition for committed and talented students to join their team. To find out more about available scholarships get in touch with the coaches at the schools you are interested in or ask your coach at your current school.

Get your dates right and be organised
If you are serious about getting a scholarship you will need to keep track of application deadlines. Each university might have a unique time of the year that they deal with scholarships and once this deadline is reached you will have to wait another year to apply. Also, be organised and plan everything regarding your application carefully. Keep a checklist with you when filling out each application form to remind you of all supportive documents you need.

Make an accomplishments resume
Create a short summary of your greatest accomplishments. This should be one-page long. You can even include the resume with your application.

Write a good quality essay
Part of any scholarship application is writing an essay. This demonstrates your academic potential and should be of a high standard. You need to show your academic skills and knowledge that will benefit the university.


To make sure your essay is done correctly check the following points:


  • Make sure you follow the instructions well


  • Follow any format instructions to the point


  • Check your spelling and grammar


  • Choose an essay topic that showcases your originality and creativity.


  • Avoid controversial or philosophical essays.


  • Use your essay to show your academic abilities and use critical thinking to solve problems with the research conducted for your essay.

Submit a letter of recommendation
Most applications will come with a letter of recommendation. Choose someone like a teacher, advisor or employer to write you a letter of recommendation. A letter of recommendation helps the scholarship board get an idea of your accomplishments, capabilities and personality.
Practice for the Interview

If there is an interview as part of the scholarship application process you can prepared for it by practicing some questions and answers. You can do some research on what type of questions you might be asked during a scholarship interviews. Practice these questions and write out your answers so you will be less nervous in the real interview. Also remember to be on time, dress professionally, be polite, and send a thank you note after your interview.

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