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proooooooooHow many texts do you write every single day? Just think about it! You craft emails, social media updates, professional offers and briefs, blog posts and even instant messages that you share with coworkers and acquaintances.

The texts you write tell people a lot about your personality and professionalism. A well-written email shows attention to detail and your strive for perfection. Grammar errors, typos and poor style happen to be indicative of sloppiness. To make the best possible impression, you should focus on enhancing communication and writing like a pro.

What does it take to improve your writing skills and express your ideas clearly? Various apps and tools are perfect both for beginners and for the people that are eager to do something new and become even better.

Leave the Errors Behind

PaperRater will appeal to the people that are prone to overlooking typos and basic errors. The tool is web-based and free of charge.

Paste a text that you’re working on, regardless of its purpose and specifics. You will get feedback on your spelling, grammar, the adequacy of the word choice, the style and the educational level that your writing corresponds to. The final characteristic is interesting and unique because it tells you how people are going to perceive your texts.

PaperRater has a premium version, as well. The premium tool comes with a plagiarism checker that will appeal mostly to the people that write blog posts and other types of content (even academic writers).

Can You Spell Like a Pro?

Do you know what the worst kind of error is when it comes to writing? The answer is simple – the good, old spelling mistake. Spelling mistakes are common and committed by all. A spelling mistake suggests that you haven’t gone through the text to edit it and improve its quality.

One great app you can use for the purpose of dealing with spelling errors is SpellChecker.net.

The tool works in a way similar to the previous app. Paste the text you’d like to have checked in the respective box, choose the language (there are dozens of options to choose among) and wait for the results. The basic checker will pinpoint spelling errors and suggest adequate replacements. An advanced check is available, as well. If you want to opt for that, you’ll have to pay a membership.

Get Help from the Experts

Some texts that we write are just too important to mess up or leave to chance. In such instances, you should definitely look for professional assistance. EssayDot offers such help.

EssayDot is a writing service. The team consists of professional writers that can handle just about any kind of project for the platform’s clients. You specify your requirements, the tones and the topic. The professional writer will deliver within the specified timeframe.

When Your Text is Lacking a Bit of Sparkle

Here’s another convenient tool you can rely on to become a better writer, whether you’re producing solely emails or you have to do an important essay.

After the Deadline does thorough spelling, grammar and style checks. The app will pinpoint the mistakes and also suggest a good replacement. After the Deadline makes some interesting stylistic suggestions. It eliminates complex phrases. The engine also suggests replacements for difficult words. As a result, the writing becomes crisper, more focused and to the point.

The Ultimate Grammar App

When it comes to improving your grammar and writing style, few apps can compare to Grammarly. Grammarly has a free and a premium version. The free one is designed for the needs of individual users and the paid membership is especially crafted for professionals and enterprises.

The cool thing is that an add-on is available for Google Chrome. By adding Grammarly to your browser, you can check the accuracy of all the texts that you write and the things you upload online.

Grammarly’s web-based version checks the text just like all of the other online apps. Paste your text and see what errors you’ve made. Grammarly will make suggestions that will help you eliminate grammar errors, typos, fluff and complex phrases. Your ideas will be easier to grasp, they’ll come through in a better way and impress your readers.

Some Cool Proofreading Technology

The final entry in the list is called Ginger. It proofreads all kinds of texts for free to eliminate a wide array of common errors – typos, grammar mistakes, misspelled words and even wrong usage of words.

The difference between Ginger and the other apps in the list is that it has to be downloaded on your computer. If you use a laptop to write texts and you take it around with you, Ginger installed on the computer can be quite beneficial.

Every single word that you write tells someone something about your character. Most of us aren’t professional writers. This is the main reason why we doubt the texts that we create and their quality. We worry what people will think about us and whether they’ll perceive us as intelligent.

The first step towards becoming a more effective writer is pinpointing the most common mistakes that you make. Several smart apps will give you the information that you need. By checking your grammar and style every single time you write, you will find it a lot easier to shape up your style and express your ideas in the best possible way. Hopefully, the suggestions in this list will help you accomplish the goal.

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