Earning A College Scholarship Has Never Been Easy. Find Out How with These 4 Steps

Scholarships are granted to students every year and according to one study, close to about 1.5 million in number are provided by institutions around the globe. A college scholarship is your gateway to a world of opportunities and serves as a fulfillment of your higher education dream.

So how do you earn it? We list a few steps to enable you to increase your chances of getting that scholarship.

1.      Deliver what the sponsor desires

This translates as reading between the lines. Filling out a sponsor’s application is one thing but where it asks an open-ended question, you should be prepared to answer in a manner what the sponsor is seeking. The best way to get a hold of this is by thoroughly researching the sponsor.

Visit their website, ask around – the giveaways of what in actual they are looking for in a candidate worthy of their scholarship is often written in their ‘About Us’ section. Of course not explicitly written but implied. As a student, you should be able to tap into it so that your chances are amplified.

2.      Indulge in volunteer work with your community

Volunteer work rarely goes to waste. It etches your importance in the community and you forge some strong alliances with the people in your circle. Plus, it is a good deed to be cooperative and think above oneself for the mutual benefit of the community where you reside.

For example, you could serve in the night’s watch of your local neighborhood to keep burglars at bay or any unwanted threats so that the people there could sleep peacefully and worry free. These contributions count, as sponsors prefer commitments and will greatly increase your chances of earning that scholarship.

3.      Appearances matter, create a pro appeal

LinkedIn presence is essential for any professional in this age of social media. Try to Google your name and see what the search results have to say about you. If you have a strong online/web presence, the results will speak themselves. Therefore, always be on the lookout to improve your social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

4.      Scholarship search engines

Employ scholarship search engines such as the likes of Fastweb, College Board and COLLEGEData among others to browse for institutions offering scholarships. This will make your hunt relatively easier. So do check out aforesaid websites.

5.    Don’t skip the optional questions

Optional questions are means of expressing and marketing yourself, that why you should be the one deserving of scholarship when the same has been applied for by hundreds of students. Stats reveal that it doubles your chances of securing the desired scholarship.


In addition to above, never shy away from applying for eligible scholarships, keep an eye out for essay contests, be intrinsically driven and also keep tabs on the scholarships available locally.

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