Do digital tools make us more or less productive at work?


Learn about the positive and negative side of digital tools and decide whether it is making us more or less productive at our workplace!

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Technology has pros and cons in different ways. Studies have explored that technology can hamper productivity of employees. Contrastingly, studies have also discovered that technology can effectively benefit the work of employees. In this, we will be discussing both positive and negative aspects of technology at workplace. After presenting these arguments, we would leave it on to you to decide, that which side you would like to support.

Advantage: Expanded Networking

If an employee is not on his/her seat, the boss has several options to use for contacting him/her. Firstly, the boss can call the employee on his/her cell phone. If he/she does not pick up the call, even then technology helps to give notification of a missed call. Another option is to leave a voice message, text message or even an email thus, the possibilities are endless! This indicates that technology has certainly made the employees and employers more approachable than around twenty to thirty years ago. This accessibility makes it easier and quicker to get the required tasks done on time.

Advantage: Web of Knowledge at Our Doorstep

Technology helps in solving numerous issues for employees. For instance, if an employee is commanded to write a claim letter and let’s suppose he/she has no idea how it is written, then technology comes as a savior. The employee would immediately type down words like ‘claim letter sample’ and would see numerous writing templates popping up on his/her screen within seconds. Thus, the search engine as a digital tool is certainly a time saver in numerous ways. Furthermore, it helps in checking spellings, grammar, finding facts, phone numbers, email addresses etc.

Disadvantage: Wastage of Time

Studies have revealed that a big chunk of time of employees is wasted in checking and sorting irrelevant emails from the relevant ones. Furthermore, employees, who have to use unfamiliar software or IT tasks, take around sixty percent of their time in asking ten other people for help which ends up in wasting time, rather than saving it. Moreover, some people are compelled constantly to keep a check on their phone which distorts concentration and thus, causes more time to be wasted.

Disadvantage: Too Much Information to Handle

Digital tools brought a gigantic world of information for mankind to read and browse through every day. With each passing minute, this information database increases manifold. Consequently, organizing and sorting the relevant items which we require can be a tedious and additional task for the employee. This aspect of the modern world is also making the human beings inherently and forgetful. Furthermore, it can also result in interruptions in one’s stream of thought. For instance, a person might read a document half way only and move to other several items which pop on his/her computer screen causing disturbance, while reading documents.

Experts suggest that to solve the issues with technology, employers should make an effort to provide trainings and well-explained procedures to their employees. This would help the worker to effortlessly use the digital utility with confidence.

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