Countries with Affordable Tuition Universities in Europe

Austria – When it comes to providing top quality and affordable university education, Austria’s universities does a great job in striking a perfect balance for international students. Averagely, public universities in Austria will charge tuition fees of only about €600, or about $700 USD, per semester to non-European Union (EU) students. Students from developing countries may even qualify to waive their tuition fees entirely.

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Czech Republic –If you can learn and study in Czech language, you won’t have to pay any tuition fees when you enroll in a public university. For those who would like to study in English, the Czech Republic is still a compelling option for international students, with tuition fees hovering around or about $1,100 USD, per semester. Given the Czech Republic’s well-esteemed universities, it’s an excellent bargain for any student looking to study abroad.

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France – Though living costs in France might be high relative to its neighbors, the cost of higher education is a much different story.Regardless of their nationality, international students can enjoy free or low-cost tuition at many of France’s public universities. On average, fees in France will often amount to no morethan just €200, or about $300 USD, per year. Though most undergraduate programs are taught in French, an increasing number of graduate program have begun implementing instruction in English.

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Greece– The costs of living in Greece are among the lowest in the European Union, make it an attractive option for international students wishing to study there. The cost of attending a public university in Greece, of course, is similarly affordable, usually amounting to no more than €750, or about $800 USD, per semester. As an added bonus, course textbooks are often given away for free, so students can save that extra bit of cash.

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