Cost of Tuition and Living in the Netherlands

Netherlands is a beautiful european country situated in Northwestern Europe. The country shares borders with  European countries like Germany, Belgium, France and United Kingdom. Note that the official languages spoken in this country are; Dutch, Frisian, Papiamento. Many international students choose Netherlands as their study abroad destination because of the top standard of education available in this country. So today, we shall consider the cost involved in studying and living in Netherlands and will also provide you with a list of Universities in that country with the tuition fees. First, let’s begin with the cost of studying in Netherlands.

Cost of studying in the Netherlands

Universities in Netherlands operate low tuition and the fees vary and depend on factors such as your study program and Nationality. If your study program is in the fields of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences Sciences and Engineering, you will  pay between 5000 Euro to 15,000 Euro per year. However, for Medicine students should budget between 25,000 Euro to 30,000 Euro per year. Please note that the tuition fees above are for international or Non EU students. If you are an EU student and want to study in Netherlands, you should expect to pay between 1000 Euro to 2000 Euro per year.

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Cost of living in Netherlands

We have seen the tuition fees students must pay to study in Netherlands, now let’s look at cost associated with living in this beautiful country. The cost of living in Netherlands is estimated at 800 Euro to 1100 Euro per month, which will cover the cost of feeding, accommodation, transportation, books, recreation etc. Here’s the breakdown:

Accommodation         300 Euro to 600 Euro per month.

Dinner in a typical student restaurant –   10 Euro

A cup of coffee/tea in a café         – 2 Euro

A cheese sandwich                        3 Euro

The remaining third of your income will go towards leisure, books, travel and other expenses.

List of Universities in Netherlands plus tuition fees per year

University of Amsterdam     €12,000

University of Maastricht      €8000 – €13,000

Utrecht University    €6000 – €11,000

Delft University of Technology        €8,464 – €13,226

Eindhoven University of Technology  €6,700 – €15,000

Leiden University     €10,000 – €13,500

Saxon University the Netherlands   €7,800 – €11,000

University of Tilburg   €7,000 – €14,000

University of Twente €5828 – €10,333

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