Cost of living & study in Spain and Slovenia


Spain is becoming a very popular study abroad destination for international students who require a high quality education in Europe. To date, Spain has provided high quality education to international students from more than 215 countries. If you have never heard of a monarchical parliament, you should study in Spain to experience one. There are several attractive tourist centers in Spain. You would certainly enjoy sunbathing in their beaches to touring renowned monuments. Needless to say, you’ll definitely find your stay in Spain fun and fulfilling. For international students desiring to understand Europe and its environs better, studying in Spain holds the key. This country is very popular for its tasty meals and beautiful friendly environment as well as the relatively low cost of living. More than everything, you’ll be enthralled by Spain’s local festivals and warm climate.

-Cost of Living and study

The cost of living in Spain is put at 3000 Euro; which is about 300 euro per month. This amount will cater for your housing, travel and food expenses. Note that the tuition fee for studying in Spain is 1000 euro per year in Public schools and 6,000-8000 Euro in private ones.


Slovenia is a peaceful country for international students to study in, you may not have known that part of its landmass is in the sea while the other part rest by the Alps, You might be surprised to know that you can study at any universitiy in Slovenia at low tuition. Infact, Slovenia is a member of the Schengen Area and Eurozone. What this means is that while studying in a university in Slovenia, you can with the same visa freely explore and visit other countries in Europe without immigration troubles.

-Cost of Living

Here is a summary breakdown of cost of studying and living in Slovenia:

Accommodation € 80 -120  (student dormitory); €200 – 500 (private accommodation, bigger cities);

Study material  – mostly photocopies (0.05 €/copy);

Student coupon system – € 3-4 /meal;

City transport  –  bus token for city bus; in Ljubljana with Urbana €  1.20;

Meal for two in a medium priced restaurant –  € 25 – 30;

Glass of beer in a regular pub –  €2

Tea – € 1,80;

Glass of wine –  €1.50;

Coffee in a regular pub –  €1.50;

Big Mac – €2.50;

Cinema Ticket –   € 4,5;

Theater, concert –  €15;

Loaf of bread –  € 1,5;

Milk, 1 liter   € 1;

Apples, 1 kg   € 1,5;Gasoline, 1 liter  around  € 1,40

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