Comprehensive Information on how to Study in the United States as a Chinese Student

Chinese Students in the US

Every year, an estimated 10 million chinese students sit for Gao Kao, China’s version of SAT exam for entrance into college. Chinese universities are only able to admit 5.7 million students, leaving more than 4 million students without university education.

As a result, tens of thousands of Chinese have sought educational pastures in US universities. Currently, Chinese students are the single largest group of international students in the US. The number of Chinese students studying in the US has quadrupled within a ten year period from about 60,000 in 2004 to 270,000 in 2014. This article will examine the exciting educational opportunities available for Chinese students coming to study in the US.

China and United States

China and the United States are the world’s biggest economies. Between them, they produce nearly a quarter of all industrial output.In order to maintain this impressive levels of manufacturing outputs, there is a massive need for highly skilled manpower in all sectors. Annually, China and USA commit massive resources to education, research and man power development, with both countries benefitting mutually. Chinese students studying in the US can expect to learn and thrive in an egalitarian society and benefit from a world class educational system.

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Visa Requirements to Study in the USA

Chinese students wanting to study in the US are able to apply for a student visa which allows them legal permission to stay in the US for the duration of their program.There are two classes of visas. F-Class visas are issued to the vast majority of students while M-Class are dedicated for doctorate and research students.

The process of applying for and obtaining a US visa can be unduly long and stressful,but prospective students can find the process les cumbersome and improve their chances by diligently following the guidelines laid down by the US embassy.


The US Educational System

The US has one of the most advanced educational systems in the world with 5 universities ranking among the top 10 in the world. The country’s educational system is strutured into three phases; 6 years of Primary, 6 years of secondary and tertiary or higher education.

International or Chinese  students looking to study in the US will need to submit official transcripts of their academic qualifications including GPAs. Additionally, post graduate students will need to find out the US equivalent of whatever tertiary level qualifications they possess.


Top Ranked US Universities

University US Ranking World Ranking
MIT 1 1
Stanford University 2 2
Harvard University 3 3
California Institute of Tech 4 4
University of Chicago 5 9
Princeton University 6 13
Cornell University 7 14
Yale University 8 16
John Hopkins 9 17
Columbia University 10 18

Official Language of Instruction and Communication

English language is the language of instruction for universities in the US and prospective students would be required to provide sufficient proof of proficiency in english by submitting a Test of English as a Foreign Language or an appropriate equivalent.


Chinese Community in the USA

According to a recent census, there are about 3.8 million people of Chinese ancestry living in the USA.The demographics show that the bulk of the chinese immigrant population seem to have congregated around the New York Metropolis of Manhattan , Queens and Brooklyn. In total 700,000 ethnic chinese live in New York alone.

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Student Sponsorship

Several Chinese students studying in the US are privately sponsored or beneficiaries of funds from large corporations. The Chinese Government however, provides limited funding support and assist students with visa procurement of consular services.


Job Prospects for Chinese Students in the US

Some Chinese students can choose to remain in the US after the completion of their studies. For many of them who make that decision, that means finding a company willing to sponsor their work visa. Known as the H-1B visa.

After graduation or completion of their program, Chinese and other international students have a 180 day period to either find  work or obtain an optimal practical training status which allows them to remain in the US for an additional 12 month period.


Returning Home and Finding Work

The greater majority of Chinese students studying in the US, return home to China on completion of their programs.Note that US degrees are generally well received even in China, with many companies placing emphasis on hiring multi-lingual or english speaking employees as they seek to expand operations and compete on the global market.

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