Cities with Affordable Universities for International Students


Taipei in Taiwan is an  affordable city for  international students with its affordable tuition fees. The average tuition fee in one of its internationally acclaimed universities is pegged at $3800 and the cost of living is not very high there. It is ranked 61st in Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey.

(2) Mexico City:

Like Taipei, Mexico too has eight internationally ranked and reputable universities with low tuition fees. The average tuition fee  is  $4000 per year with low cost of living.

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(3) Berlin:

The capital of Germany has become one of the enthralling places for the international students as the German government has made its education free of all tuition fees for the international students too. It also has a low living cost with 68th position at Mercer’s Survey.

(4) Vienna:

The historically and culturally rich capital of Austria is also providing free education for EU students, the students from under-developed countries and for most of the African countries’ students. The approximate tuition fee is $500 annually with a little higher living cost as it is placed at 32nd in Mercer’s Survey.

(5) Munich:

Another German city is a lucrative place for students as there are no tuition fees and the cost of living is also not very high as compared with the other European cities as London or Paris. Munich has one of the best universities in Europe too.

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(6) Osaka:

As compared to other Japanese cities, like Tokyo or Kyoto, Osaka is a less expensive city. It is ranked as 23rd in Mercer’s Survey and has an average annual tuition fee of $5000 which is low as compared with Tokyo or Kyoto with $7700 and $9000 respectively.

(7) Madrid:

The Spanish capital has four internationally ranked universities with the low tuition fee of around $2000 annually. The cost of living is also low in Madrid with Mercer’s Survey putting it at 63rd out of 214.


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